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Title: Arabica  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A



Dated Reviewed: December 22, 2001

Studio: Plum Productions

Overall Rating: B

Female Looks: A

Male Looks: B

Audio/Video Quality: B

Extras Rating: C

Sex Rating: B

Plot/Acting: C


Cast: Deborah Wells, Sunny McKay, Rita Olivsky, Jasmine, Christopher Clark, Philippe Sione, Yves Baillard, Richard Voicin, Ron Jeremy, Robert Malone, Luigi De Giostri, Patrick Le Nain, and Mario De Sica.

Director: Mario Salieri

This movie won Cannes' Hot D'Or Meilleur Film European award, and I have to say I am not sure why. Unless you consider this film a comedy, it really isn't all that good. But on the other hand, if you consider it a comedy, which is only possible on the English language track, it is really entertaining. But the entertainment is similar to laughing at poorly dubbed Karate movies.

We start with a rich man (Philippe Sione) praying in church and recounting the fact that he has lost his wife because of his greed and lust. We then recount some of the times that he and his wife fight. Christof Clark and some woman are headed to a club in order to unwind. When he gets to the club, both he and his girlfriend have to be searched because a Prince has decided to come and have a good time. As Christof goes over to talk to some of his friends, Sunny McKay and Deborah Wells dance together out on the dance floor. They get all hot and bothered out there on the dance floor, only to piss off one of the husband's who then proceeds to take the two girls home. Hey just for kicks you will never guess who the Chauffeur isóRon Jeremy. The boyfriend takes Sunny McKay around back for a little nookie, leaving Jeremy in the case with Jasmine. You know I have to tell you the best part about this DVD is that the English is overdubbed for everyone. So you sit here and watch Ron Jeremy come on to Jasmine and it isn't his voice. It's a fucking riot watching the two of them have their conversation. Jeremy doesn't want to waste the moonlight talking though, as he begins to undress her and fondle her breasts. Meanwhile, Sunny and the boyfriend are getting it on together in the back of the castle. I have to say that there is nothing funnier than watching these actors in voice over, because I can't help but think of people with headphones on in front of a microphone watching the movie and adding the moan track. It is fucking hilarious. As Ron gets his date (if you can call her that) all hot and bothered, he whips out his tree trunk size cock and has her suck on it. Coincidentally it is about this time that Sunny start going down on her date. McKay, I have to say, is pretty hot, even though she looks like something out of a 1987 High School Yearbook, with her teased up blonde hair and all. When we get back to Ron Jeremy he has Jasmine on his lap and is ramming his cock up inside her. He doesn't fuck around though, as it is only a couple of seconds later that he is fucking her in the ass. When we return to McKay she is getting a facial from her blowjob, and then we quickly cut back to Jeremy busting a nut after fucking Jasmine up the ass from behind.

From here we watch as Sunny heads inside, and talks with another man. This guy is bummed out that he didn't get to dance with her at the club, and so he asks her to dance for him right now. Of course, when she does it, it looks like the cheesiest thing that you have ever seen. Soon Sunny is getting out of her clothes and is stripping down to nothing but her G-String. Our boy can't contain himself and Sunny soon notices his rock hard cock which she of course pulls out and starts stroking. We quickly move to him fucking her on her side, while he still has his pants onóI guess he didn't want to wait for fear she would change her mind. There are some great shots here, including a very powerful scene of Sunny getting fucked doggystyle. In the end our boy blows his white hot love juice all over her face.

We then find out that Sunny is receiving phone calls from a Prince from the Middle East. She tells her husband, but he blows it off as a sick joke. We then see that the next day the husband is leaving on a business trip. That night several men sneak onto Sunny's estate to kidnap her. We then see her in a chair being prepared to see the Prince. She is to be the Prince's courtesan, even if just for one night. We then watch as Sunny (who has been stripped) is taken out to a pool to meet the Prince. The Prince wastes no time in taking her in the pool. Here there are some hilarious shots of her sucking his dick under water and some slow motion shots of the Prince forcing her head down onto his cock. She is writhing and throwing her arms around but we really aren't sure if this is because she likes it or because she hates it, until we see the two of them having sex, and she really isn't all that thrilled. Yet and still though the Prince takes her, fucks her from behind and then drops a load right onto her face.

The husband then goes to his wife's sister (Deborah Wells) for some help in this problem. Wells recounts a time when she and some other blonde went to a Market in Bahrain. We then watch as a bunch of the Prince's soldiers (one of whom is Ron Jeremy again) take the two women prisoner. We then watch as the two girls, after being taken prisoner, are left in one of the jails. Back with the Prince and Sunny, we watch as the Prince is trying to get Sunny to fuck with one of his girl dancers (Jasmine). Another thing that is hilarious about this movie is that they place the same Arabic song over and over again during the love scenes. Unwillingly, Sunny makes out with the dancer, but of course it isn't long before Sunny is into the whole action and is in turn jerking off the prince while getting eaten out by Jasmine. Sunny ultimately fucks the Prince on her knees while eating out Jasmine, but soon the Prince turns his attention to fucking Jasmine as well. In the end the Prince shoots his load all over the two women.

Back in the ceil, two of the guards tell Wells and her blonde friend that they can get them out of the jail if they simply do what they want. They then proceed to fondle and finger fuck the two women, to what looks to be their disapproval. Of course as soon as they get into it they are ready and willing to take the guards' big pick sausages up inside themselves. And it isn't long before both women are getting the shit fucked out of them. Both women in this scene are incredible and a joy to look at. In the end each girl also gets her cookie, for Wells it is in the face, but the scene ends before we see the blonde get hers.

Wells then approaches the Prince and asks her to let her sister go, but of course he isn't going to do something like that. Wells thus has to leave empty handed, but on the trip back from Bahrain, their bus is pulled over by the police (who surprisingly drive cars exactly live our police do). When the police check the women's papers, they don't seem to have them, and so one of the policemen (again Ron Jeremy) wants to take them in. The women are saved by an elderly man who is willing to pay off the guard if he willing to let the two girls go. Of course, he wants another piece of the action as well. Soon the two women are in the back of the bus sucking and fucking themselves silly. And in the end the elderly man and his friends all jerk themselves a soda all over her.

We then find out in the end that it was the husband who sold his wife to Prince, and after the sister confronts him about this he decides to slit her throat. I kid you not, that is how the fucking movie ends.

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