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Title: Just Anal #8  
Reviewer: Felix  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: B


Just Anal #8

Reviewer: Felix

Overall Rating: C

Female Looks: B

Male Looks: C

Sex: C

Plot/Acting: N/A

Extras: F

A/V Quality: n/a






RUNNING TIME: 4hrs 6min

COMPANY: Visual Images


THEMES: Anal Sex, Wall to Wall, Comp

CONDOMS: some condom usage


STARS: Julie Rage, Brandy Alexander, Dru Berrymore, Barbara Doll, Kim

Kummings, Brianna Lee, Dyanna Lauren, Davia Ardell, Britt Morgan, Christi

Lake, etc.

Just Anal #8 boasts over four hours of non-stop anal action. It's a comp

tape, which means that the A/V quality is going to vary quite a bit, as is

the quality of the girls and the heat. With fifteen sex scenes the good

news is just about anybody should be able to find something they like. The

bad news is you're also gonna' find quite a bit of crap. It also means that

I would probably have to write a novel to give you a blow by blow account of

all of the sex on this disc, so I'm just gonna' have to give you a brief

summary of each fuck.

First up we have a cheesy S/M scene with a downright ugly mistress and her

three slaves. Two males, one female. The women are unattractive, the sex

isn't all that hot, and the bondage angle just seems silly. Pass it by.

The next scene stars Brandy Alexander, who has been retired from the porn

biz for quite some time. She starred in some of the earliest Buttman tapes

and it's easy to see why. This woman has an incredible ass! Tight, round,

and tanned, it's every butt man's dream. Since this is a comp we're not

given any background to the scenes, but Brandy is clad in a very sexy

wedding dress and the man who gets to bone her is a cop. After the

mandatory blowjob we get only two positions. The first is fairly standard

missionary and the second takes place when the cop bends her over and pounds

that beautiful ass. The sex is so-so, but Ms. Alexander's picture perfect

behind makes this one a must watch.

Next scene is also a keeper. It stars the always sexy Dyanna Lauren as a

naive space girl being taught about love by a horny astronaut. He starts

off kissing and suckling her gorgeous breasts before moving downstairs to

taste that sweet alien pussy. After some great cunt munching it's time for

Dyanna to reciprocate by wrapping those pouty lips around the lucky space

cadets cock. It's here where the lack of credibility comes in to play.

While Dyanna is supposed to be playing a virgin alien girl who has never

seen, much less sucked an earth man's dick, all it takes is a couple of

seconds for us to realize that this is a woman who has definitely had plenty

of practice. After the skillful blowjob the spaceman decides to try out

that tight extraterrestrial coochie. She lays back, spreads her legs and

lets her earth stud pound away while she moans and groans and does a great

job of just looking incredibly sexy. Next Dyanna bends over for a little

doggy style action, once again looking very scrumptious while getting boned.

Then it's on to the anal. She stays in the doggy position and we get some

great shots of that thick cock plunging in and out between those pillowy

cheeks while Dyanna moans her approval. Again we only get one position

before Dyanna hits her knees for a weak pop that lands mostly on her chin.

The next three scenes aren't much to write home about. The first two star

a couple of ugly chicks who, while they are fairly energetic during the sex,

aren't worth watching because of their physical shortcomings. The third

involved a cute blonde who showed absolutely no heat whatsoever. She just

seemed to be counting the minutes until she could collect her check and go


From there we move to a very sexy brunette dolled up in a cute French

Maid's outfit and two guys. She's very pretty and really gets into the sex.

The only problem is that she's got a horrible boob job. It looks like the

plastic surgeon really did a number on her. But if you can get past that

it's definitely stroke worthy material. This is one lady who really knows

how to fuck. She has no problem swallowing both cocks all the way down to

the short and curlies and she takes them all the way up her ass just as

easily. She's also very vocal and does a great job of talking dirty while

she's getting boned. For the cumshots she gets a nice gooey facial from one

guy while the other pulls out and sprays on her belly.

Next up we have Dru Berrymore, a white trash looking young blonde who

trades some guy a ride in her backdoor for a used guitar. I've seen Dru

look a lot better than she does here. It looks like she was having an acne

breakout and the makeup artist really did a horrible job of disguising it.

Still, she turns in a great performance, really screaming and bucking while

her man pounds it hard and deep into her tight ass. An okay scene that

would have been a lot better if somebody would have hooked Dru up with some


Moving on we have Randy West fucking a cute brunette in what looks to be a

pretty old scene. My major complaint here is a really annoying soundtrack

that is so loud it completely obscures any sounds the performers might be

making. Other than that, it's not bad. The girl gives a really sexy

blowjob with lots of tease and deepthroating action before Randy pounds her

cunt hard in the missionary and doggy positions. The only anal is also of

the doggy style variety, and to close it out Randy shoots a miniscule load

on her ass.

Barbara Doll is next and she also plays a sexy alien giving it up to

another spaceman. Possibly from the same race of sex starved nymphos as

Dyanna. For those of you who don't know her, Barbara is an incredibly sexy

blonde and a great fuck to boot. She doesn't disappoint here, looking very

good and giving the sex her all. The down side is that it's pretty short

and the anal portion is poorly shot marring what could have been a really

good scene.

Next up we have Britt Morgan, another sexy blonde with a great ass who made

a name for herself in the late eighties/early nineties. She's paired here

with Peter North. Unfortunately, in this scene Britt's supposed to be

playing a 60's housewife, and she's wearing a humongous, incredibly ugly

wig. Still, she brings a sense of fun and lightheartedness, laughing and

giggling between moans and grunts and really making up for the thing on her

head. We get a nicely shot missionary and doggy poke before moving on to a

quick anal, also of the canine variety. The real accomplishment here is

Britt taking a full Peter North cumshot directly in her mouth.

Unfortunately, she gets a little carried away and wraps her lips around his

cock, basically obscuring our view of the actual pop.

Now we come to the best scene on the disc. It stars Julie Rage, Christi

Lake, Sahara Sands, and two horny guys. All three of the girls are sex

crazed animals. We start off with an extended oral session that sees both

cocks being sucked and pussies eaten. From there it just turns into a big

sweaty, writhing mass of flesh. When all is said and done all three girls

have gotten fucked nice and hard but unfortunately Sahara is the only one

who takes it in the ass. It doesn't matter though, 'cause this scene really

blows the rest on this disc out of the water.

The next scene gives us the first and only D.P. on the tape. From the

looks of things, this was shot sometime in the late eighties or early

nineties. The brunette who stars in this scene is pretty average looking,

but the sex is hot. She starts off sucking on Jake Steeds monster cock

before climbing up on top to take a ride. Soon they're joined by some other

guy I don't know they name of, and together the guys really give it to her

hard in both holes. The scene ends with both loads being shot on her ass.

The last girl on the disc is the always fuckable Davia Ardell. As usual,

she really knows how to work that killer bod to maximum effect. After

grinding her sweet blonde gash in her man's face and dropping down to give

him a wet sloppy bj, she leans back and lets him go to town in her tight

pussy. The anal takes place in the reverse cowgirl position and Davia

pounds her tight ass up and down while her stud plays with those big fake

tits and fingers her clit. The scene ends with some more missionary and her

man pulling out to shoot his cum all over her toned belly.

From a DVD standpoint, as with most comps, the audio and video ranges from

good to very poor, and the extras are non-existent. The only thing you're

gonna' get here that you're not gonna' get with video is the chapter


I'm generally not a fan of this type of disc, but as far as comps go this

one isn't bad. There are enough hot women here to make it worth your while

and with four hours of sex, nobody can complain about not getting enough

fuck for their buck. This is straight meat and potatoes porn without all of

the bells and whistles. If you're looking for nothing but plenty of hard

cocks sliding in and out of hot pussies and tight asses then this will

probably do it for you. On the other hand, if you want nice sets, any kind

of a plot, or decent sized production values, look somewhere else.  


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