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Title: Blow Dry  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Blow Dry

Dated Reviewed: December 22, 2001

Studio: Vivid

Overall Rating: B

Female Looks: A

Male Looks: B+

Audio/Video Quality: B

Extras Rating: B+

Sex Rating: B

Plot/Acting: C


Cast: Jenteal, Kobe Tai, Randi Rage, Morgan Fairlane, Mark Davis, T.T, Boy, Mr. Marcus, and Billy Glide.

Director: Paul Thomas

I have to say from the start that I am a big fan of both Jenteal and Paul Thomas. He is a great director and she is incredibly hot eye candy. Though to be honest this movie isn't Thomas' greatest work. It is an ok couples film, but I can think of better films from both Jenteal or Thomas that would do the trick. Don't get me wrong the film isn't awful, but it really isn't great either.

The movie opens with a guy walking into a hair salon, where we see Mr. Marcus and some blonde kissing briefly. Marcus (we are to assume) is her boyfriend, and he sits back and watches as she cuts his hair. Of course watching her cu hair is a huge turn on, so the first minute she steps into the back to get something he follows her back there and bends her over. Its not like she feels the need to stop him. In fact she immediately bends over and starts in on Marcus' cock. I have to say that this blonde is hot, with short shoulder length hair and ass that won't quit. I think Marcus knows this too, because he soon as her on her knees in one of the styling chairs fucking her form behind. Marcus isn't satisfied with defiling her pussy though as he shoves his cock into her ass and pounds away. This is a great scene, especially for couples, because while it is intense it isn't way way over the top. Of course she cums for the camera beautifully, and after that could care less what happened to her body. At this point Marcus picks up the pace and races to the finish line, shooting a ton of cum all over her tummy.

We then cut to sometime later, where the same guy that had come in for a hair cut, is back. He looks into the window and there is Jenteal sweeping up. When she sees him she sets out the Closed sign and tells him that she is sorry. He waits though until she is all done with her work and leave, and then we see him follow her home. We then jump to the next day, and our boy is back for a shampoo and blow dry from our hot Jenteal. I have to say that out of all the Vivid girls at and around this time Jenteal was about the hottest they had. She was gorgeous, but had this kind of girl next door appeal to her. Its really a shame that she is no longer in the business. Any ways back to the show. After the shampoo and blow dry he simply pays and leaves. We then cut to some time later and he is back—this time for a shave, although he doesn't have any facial hair. This time however as soon as the shave is over he reaches over and takes her. She is more than willing, pulling off her skirt and straddling him in the chair. Before long she is down on him like white on rice, sucking away at his cock. She wants to fuck him, no, she needs to fuck him. After our boy is all ready to go, she gets on her knees and gives him this incredible come hither look, which he actually pauses on. But the pause doesn't last long, as soon he is up inside her, fucking her from behind. He nails her both doggy and missionary, before pulling out and shooting a load all over her body. From here we cut to the two of them out on a date, so I guess we are lead to believe that they fall in love with each other.

When we catch up with Jenteal back at the salon she is giving Kobe Tai a shampoo. I think I see a pattern here, shampoo, sex, shampoo, sex. Jenteal washes Tai's hair, and then starts to dry her off, when in walks the boyfriend. He waits patiently at the counter for her to finish. Soon though Jenteal is going south on Kobe Tai, eating her pussy out while she is still in the chair. Across the room though Billy Glide and two women (who just entered the store) start to get it on. All this action and my man is just waiting there sitting in the chair. The action from both couples is subdued, which is kind of good here for a couples film since there is so much going on. One of the better shots of this scene is when Jenteal reclines in the chair and Kobe Tai goes down on her. It is a great shot because we get a great tool at her body all stretched out and shit. Soon in fact the two of them go 69. Meanwhile, Billy Gilde is making quick work of the women he is with, causing the blonde from the first scene to cum in front of the camera. Glide then pulls his cock out and shoots a tiny load into her mouth. Its kind of funny, you would think that with the size of his dick he would actually have more stored up in there. Well both our parties finish, all under the watchful gaze of the boyfriend who looks a little confused at this point. Actually I think we all are.

From there we cut to he and Jenteal out on a date, and I guess we are to assume that this is something that he is supposed to accept about Jenteal—she is a sex crazed goddess. We then catch up with the two of them back at the salon, where she is giving Mark Davis a buzz. And as she is bent over shaving the back of his neck, our boy can't hold out any more and so he starts to eat her out. Of course, this is an invite for the three of the to go at it, and while out boy takes her from behind Mark and Jenteal make out. Jenteal then heads south to suck on his cock as a prelude to some hardcore fucking. There are some great shots here of Jenteal taking it from each guy, and also some great shots of her taking jizz all over her fine ass body.

When we catch up with the boyfriend again, he has dropped by to surprise Jenteal, only to find out that she has up and split. I am not sure why that had to be the ending, but I guess Paul Thomas needed a place to put in some dialogue.

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