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Title: War Whores  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: D-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: D-
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


War Whores

Dated Reviewed: December 22, 2001

Studio: Elegant Angel

Overall Rating: F

Female Looks: C

Male Looks: F

Audio/Video Quality: D

Extras Rating: C

Sex Rating: C

Plot/Acting: F


Cast: Tricia Devereaux, Stephanie Swift, Little Sinderella, Mila, Dorothy, Carolina, and Chandler

Director: Rob Black

I have seen stupid plots, and I have watched bad acting, but it has been a while since I have seen a movie that fails on so many levels. I think the worst thing of all is that it just failed to grab my attention. You know its bad when a porn can't even keep your attention. It was formulaic, boring, and the consistency of a bad outtakes video. This one you can pass on. If you are a die hard Rob Black fan though read on. I am sure there is something in this piece of shit that you will find appealing.

The movie opens with a shot of a table full of drugs and some guy shooting up. After he shoots up we watch as the guy drops about a dozen pills with a shot of Bourbon, and then passes out on the floor. We then hear the sounds of helicopters, and watch this guy (dressed in military fatigues) deal with the horrors of battle. We then cut to him awakening in a pool of water covered with hay, and a women (Tricia Devereaux) standing over him tells him that this is the blackline—a place between heaven and hell. She tells him that this is where he is going to be judged. From here she decides to take him on a little walk down memory lane. We then head back to Vietnam where a bunch of soldiers have a Vietnamese girl that they want to fuck. Instead of looking for cover from the gun fire, they lower her to the ground and start fucking her. Soon the three guys have their cocks out and are on top of her. She does her best to suck and fuck each of them, taking each of their cocks in either her mouth or pussy. The action soon moves to anal though as each guy takes his turn throttling up her asshole with their cock. And of course what would a reliving of a Vietnam rape scene be without a DP. Each guy gets his shot at truly abusing her, until they have had their fill, at which point they all drop loads on her face.

In our next scene we have a hippie girl on acid with her mom. The hippie girl is worried about her boyfriend, who of course walks in immediately there after. The three of them start to get it on, with the sound of really bad guitar music in the background. The only attractive one out of the bunch is the woman playing the mom, who is an attractive brunette with a full figure and beautiful tits. The blonde looks like a crack addict, with a pal complexion and skinny legs. Soon everyone is sucking cock and eating pussy, in a sort of round robin affair. In the midst of this though you can hear someone's cell phone go off—not very 1968 if you ask me. When we get down to fucking the little blonde is the one to go first, and I can't help but think that (without the tits of course) she looks like a little preteen boy. The mother is standing over the two of them rooting them on, well not really she is actually telling the daughter off in a really nasty way. Soon though it is the mom's chance to ride the sausage stick, and she acts like she hasn't been fucked in about 15 years. When the mom gets it up ass, she cums for the camera, and it just drips down her pussy. Its unfortunate though that the mom only knows how to say "yeah yeah yeah." After a thorough ass throttling, the boyfriend shoots his load right into the mother's mouth, who then spits it into the blonde's mouth.

In the next scene we have Mila getting nailed by a couple of soldiers again. I hate Mila. I hate the thing that she can do to her asshole (see Ass Artist),I don't think that she is very attractive, and her personality on screen is more annoying than a turn on. Here Mila gets face fucked by four cocks, which she takes in a round robin style as they all hover over her. Then one by one she takes them from behind, as she continues to suck on any cock put in her face. Soon of course the action moves anal, as she takes several guys up the ass as a precursor to a nasty DP shot. In the end, she not only has to lick each guy's asshole but they all splooge all over her face.

In between each of the scenes we cut back to the guy in the blackline, with the girl who is telling him that he has to prove himself to her. He is then taken out of the pool, stripped down, and placed in a chair. He has to sit in the chair and watch what happens before him without getting aroused. We then watch as two girls—Stephanie Swift and Tricia Devereaux—get it on. Both of the girls are really hot here. Tricia looks better here then she does in her dominatrix garb, and I think that this has more to do with the lighting that anything else. To make matters worse (or better) for our friend Chandler and two guys appear in the pool before him and start to get it on. I think Chandler is hot, but am never really sure whether she is enjoying the sex she is having or absolutely hating it. Chandler proceeds to suck down both of the guy's cocks, and they then plug her pussy with their cock rockets. While all of this is going on in the background, Tricia and Stephanie are still going at it. In the end, Chandler takes it up the ass form both guys, and she sounds like she is being raped here. It is so bad that they have to turn the sound down and mute her out. When you listen to it, it sounds as if there is some other sex scene happening in the other room. Personally, I don't think its cool that they continue to shoot her knowing that this is what it sounds like. I am in to play acting and all, but when things look a little too close to a rape I draw the line. In the end Stephanie fucks Tricia with a dildo, and Chandler gets some DP action going on. When Chandler gets the cum shot, her mouth is pulled back and held open buy some asshole who obviously gets turned on by the wrong sort of thing.

In order for him to go home, Tricia promises that all he needs to do is prove himself to her, at which point she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. That's confusing, I would think that it would be the other way around, but hey I'm not the writer. And as if one cock isn't enough she starts sucking on the two male slaves that she brought with her as well. In the end she gets fucked every which way till Tuesday, including some nasty anal, and a great DP. In the end each guy drops his load all over her face, which she in turn spits into one of the guy's mouths only to have it spit back in her face.

Does he get free? Of course, what would a porn be without a simple uncomplicated ending. Nobody wants to think about things after they have just had an orgasm now do they.

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