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Title: Coming of Nikita  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


The Coming of Nikita

Dated Reviewed: December 22, 2001

Studio: Elegant Angel

Overall Rating: C

Female Looks: B

Male Looks: C

Audio/Video Quality: B-

Extras Rating: C

Sex Rating: C

Plot/Acting: C


Cast: Nikita, Victoria Queen, Dina Pearl, Kristina, Jacqueline, Francesco Trulli, Mike Foster, Christof Clark, Attilla Dori, Roscoe Bowltree, snf John Walton

Director: Patrick Collins

I have to be honest with you, I am not a big fan of Nikita. A while ago, she was featured in one of Michael Ninn's movies but it seems now that she is now relegated to porn obscurity. After watching this movie, I think you will be able to see why. She is a horrible actress, constantly upstaged by Victoria Queen, and she has a voice that makes you think she was very recently a man, and has just gone through a sex change.

The movie opens with Nikita telling Victoria Queen, in her overly husky voice, that her boyfriend doesn't love her. Of course she is telling this while Nikita is taking a bath. It is really awful, while Nikita is an attractive blonde with long think hair, and a great figure, her voice sends chills up my spine. She can't act for shit either—she asks Victoria is broken English whether she likes her breasts, and it makes me think that Nikita is really a man in a women suit. Of course Victoria accepts her offer for a little fun in the bathtub, and thus proceeds to finger fuck Nikita while she finishes her bath. Victoria, in direct contrast to Nikita, is a very hot looking women. She has a petite figure, with short red hair, and a lovely face. After Nikita is done playing around with Victoria she sends her out.

We then cut to Patrick talking to a prospective model, and he asks her if she wants him to take her picture. Of course though in order for him to take her picture she has to get undressed for him. I really think that, while I am a big fan of his movies, that Patrick makes movies for himself and for what really turns him on, and could care less about what the public would want. This is the only thing that I can think of that would explain him being the same character in each of his movies. He usually plays some guy who can get close, but not too close to the women in the movie, and thus he either takes their picture of sits off in the corner and lets them fuck each other. Hey if that's what it takes for Patrick to keep himself going so be it my man. Here we find Patrick stripping down the prospective model and him reviewing her pussy and asshole, as if he were a quality control expect for Foster Farms. From here though we watch Patrick do something that I actually haven't seen him do in a long time. He actually goes down on the girl. And then she goes down on him (I guess Patrick's wife has gotten really understanding in the last couple of years). After Patrick is nice and hard, he lines her up on her knees and faces her against the wall. From here he just gouges her with his rock hard cock. In the end he blows his load all over her little face.

We then cut to Patrick talking to some gentlemen about using girls for his shoot. Collins wants to diversify and his counterpart wants an exclusive relationship (is this a metaphor for something—you be the judge). They try to work out their problems, and from there we move to the waterfront where two guys pick between Jacqueline and another girl (I didn't catch her name). The two pair off into separate rooms to test their new models. Neither of the girls here are really exceptional to look at (could it be that the resources that Eastern Europe has to offer are running dry? Food for thought.) When Jacqueline takes off her dress through she reveals an incredible body, with long slender legs, and a perfect stomach (not too muscular and not too flabby). She then immediately drops to her knees and starts sucking on his cock, and licking his asshole. When we get a shot of the second girl though, while she isn't necessarily the best looking girl I have seen from Eastern Europe I have to say she really isn't that bad. She has curly blonde hair, and black thigh high stockings on—and you know I am crazy for those fucking stockings. When we get down to fucking it is Jacqueline who take sit from behind first, followed by the prettier of the two girls. The action in this scene quickly progresses to anal though, as both girls take it up the ass with greater ease than getting fucked in their pussy. In the end Jacqueline takes a shot of cum all over her ass, while the other girl takes it right in the face.

Later that night we catch up with Nikita and Victoria at a nightclub. Soon they both head upstairs, Victoria with some blonde that looks a lot like Dyanna Lauren, and Nikita with one of the guys from the previous scene. Victoria is going for a little lesbian action, which actually isn't all that interesting, except for the fact that we get to see her with her shirt off. Victoia is wearing an awesome pair of white lace bra and panties, with white thigh high stockings. Meanwhile, Nikita is trying to work out a little deal that will leave Victoria out of being a model, in exchange for his getting a piece of her ass. Of course he agrees and the two of them start at it. Nikita toys with him though, and it takes him a while before he is even able to eat her out. While Victoria and the other girl are getting it on in their cabin (I guess they are on board a boat) they start to attract a crowd of on lookers outside. Nikita however is driving her man crazy by telling him how to do everything and he gets pissed and tries to leave. At this point Nikita apologizes and tells him that she will do whatever he wants. Of course after a quick little blowjob, our boy throttles his cock up her ass—and boy this shows her who is boss. I have to tell you Nikita is one of those chicks that you just want to see get fucked so hard that she can't say anything—I mean that. In the end our boy shoots a load all over her face, which see seems glad to receive.

Back to the lesbians. We now see two men approaching the state room where Victoria (now alone) is lying on the bed in exhaustion. The two men quickly strip and start to ravage her. Victoria is soon moving back and forth between the two dicks, getting them both ready to fuck her hard and fast. And of course they do, including up the ass. Unfortunately the act is never taken to completion as we cut back to the blonde lesbian telling Victoria to leave her boyfriend. We then move to a pool party that is being thrown by Patrick's associates for all the model people that he wants to employ. Here we have Christof Clark as one of the waiters delivering food, and seeing him lets us know that there is some nasty sex in the near future. And of course in walks a hot blonde to take care of the two waiters. The two men waste no time in pulling their pants down to reveal their massive cocks, which of course she gladly accepts. The fucking here is pretty intense as we not only have both guys go anal on her, but there is also an excellent DP shot. In the end Chrsitof blows hi cookie all over her ass, and the other guy shoots his load all over her face.

Of course Christof isn't out of the action just yet, as he heads upstairs to nail Nikita, who is looking mighty fine in her black dress and lingerie. Nikita sucks his cock and gets him ready for some wild fucking, which of course he proceed to do. Christof pounds the shit out of her (to her delight) both in her pussy and her asshole. And after he has thoroughly ridden her, he shoots an massive load all over her face. After this we watch as Victoria tries to break up with her boyfriend who then rebuffs his requests. But of course she can't stay away form him for long, and after a little convincing she is playing for the dick team again. Victoria then proceeds to take it up the ass like a true champion. I have to say that out of all the girls in this flick she is by far the hottest, and deserves to be a model instead of a porn star (like there is really a difference).

Our movie ends, with Collins showing off his women in a fashion show, and we find that he looking for a very special girl. Well of course that would be the hottest girl in the whole film wouldn't it. You bet it would.

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