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Title: Mobster's Wife  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Mobster's Wife

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Vivid

Overall Rating: A

Female Looks: A

Male Looks: A

Audio/Video Quality: A-

Extras Rating: B

Sex Rating: A

Plot/Acting: A+


Cast: Lexus, Alexandra Silk, Katie Gold, Derrick Lane, Kelly Jean, Sommer Daze, Shay Sweet, Stephanie Swift, Vince Voyuer, and Mr. Marcus

Director: Paul Thomas

This has to be one of the best features DVDs that I have ever seen. It is something that not only couples can enjoy, but truly is hilarious in its own right, and thus could be enjoyed by almost anyone. If you miss this film, you aren't missing great sex, or great porn, you are missing a great film.

Our movie opens with made men Tony Tedeschi and Mr. Marcus trading diatribes in heavy and fake Italian accents. In reality, although they ain't Christopher Walken and or Joe Pesci, I think the acting here isn't half bad. And for a porn that is saying quite a bit. As far as the opening scene, Tony Tedeschi steals the show, and for a minute I think I am watching auditions for the Sopranos. Remember for porn that is a compliment.

So we return with Vince Voyuer (the Mob Boss) and Tony (his loyal friend) getting out of a Rolls Royce and heading up to a building. The door opens and the two enter into what seems to be the mob's headquarters. Vince walks in and hands Lexus a red bag. In it is a dildo so that (according to Vince) she can warm herself up—which of course, she does. Pretty soon she is ready and wet enough to leave a trail across the floor, after a few strokes of the vibrator. But of course this isn't what she really wants. She wants Vince's cock, which of course he is more than willing to give her. Vince is hilarious, with his own little Italian accent and chewing gum through the whole blowjob scene. The dialogue and editing are priceless. Vince tells her that he is going to fuck her real soon "You know what I mean?" and then the action cuts to the two of them deep in the throws of passion. The pacing couldn't be planned better. Vince fucks the shit out of her while she is on her back on the table. Lexus' legs are spread in a giant 'V' as Vince pounds his cock into her. In the end Vince lets loose on his love juice all over her tits.

Before they are able to get their clothes back on though, we then cut to Vince's wife (Alexandra Silk) pulling up and demanding to see her husband. I have to say that all the cheesy Italian accents really work here, and that Paul Thomas has actually managed to pull some true acting gems from the cast. Silk thinks that Vince is cheating on her (which he is), and Vince has to lie and say that he is planning a surprise for her (which he wasn't). When pressed though he has to make up a lie (with the help of Tony), at which point he tells her that he is taking her to California. Of course this satisfies her, and she leaves Vince to head back home, and Vince heads back inside to have some fun with Lexus.

We then cut to Tony and Silk waiting for Vince the next day at the Airport. When Vince shows up he tells her that he can't go, and so Vince sends Silk to California with Tony. Although Silk is disappointed, Vince is able to convince her that it is for the best. And with that the two of them are off. Cut to the Pacific Ocean, where Silk and Tony exchange a nice little reminiscent banter about a time that Tony had to bury someone in a similar beach in Jersey. I really have to say that Tony Tedeschi shines as an actor here, and he proves this over and over again. When they get to the hotel, they are greeted by the French maids Katie Gold and Shay Sweet (before they both blew up huge), who each think that one of the couple members are totally attractive.

Back in Jersey, Lexus argues with Vince about whether they can go to Vegas for the weekend. Vince puts his foot down and says that there is no way that they are going to Vegas. The next shot is of the two of them in a hotel room in Vegas, with Mr. Marcus backing them up. While in Vegas they go to meet Tony the Necktie (I have no idea who this is though), who is getting a nice hand job from his big titted nurse. As soon as Vince leaves the two of them start at it, with this girl just backing into his cock. Once his cock is up inside her, she puts her feet up on the table and rides him reverse cowgirl. This doesn't last though as our mobster friend bends her over to fuck her doggystyle (even with his black socks still on).

We then cut to Vince he is wandering around the Casino floor when he meets up with the very hot Stephanie Swift. The two of them exchange sarcastic remarks for a little while, and then Swift pours her heart out to Vince about her supposed asshole boyfriend. After they decide that they want to fuck, neither of them are able to go back to their rooms, so they make do with the bathroom. This must be the first bathroom I have seen in Vegas that doesn't have a line out the door. Yeah I know, suspension of disbelief. Once in the bathroom the two of them start at it, with Vince sucking on Stephanie's tits, while she writhes in his lap. After Vince delivers a little oral pleasure to Swift, she returns the favor with a nasty blowjob. The incredible thing about Swift is that she must weigh a total of lie 12 pounds. She has the most petite figure you have ever seen, and this is obvious when she tries to ride Vince's cock. Of course Vince bends her over the counter, and nails her doggy style, but the best part is when she is lying back on the counter and Vince jerks off right into his mouth. You know I think they make a pretty good couple. We then watch as Stephanie gets herself off with a pocket rocket.

We then cut back to Silk and Tony in California. Silk is in a bikini, and is trying to get Tony to loosen up. And you know the best way to loosen up is to take off most of your close. After Tony strips down to his Speedo, the two of them head down to the beach (All Tony has on is his Speedo and a gun—now that's funny). Later that night Tony and Silk share a Jacuzzi together, and it is at this point that the two of them finally get together. Silk starts out by sucking down his cock, while Tony sits on the side of the Jacuzzi. From there Tony decides to tongue her in the ass (a little more personal I would say than a foot massage). When we get down to fucking, Tony takes Silk on her back, and she is a wild monster screaming with every thrust. Tony then sticks it up her ass. The funny thing is that both of them keep their accents throughout the whole thing. In the end he jerks himself off onto his stomach and has her lick the cum off of it.

Back in Vegas we find out that Tony Montoya has called them all together to be a wedding of his son. Of course you would never guess who the girl is that is getting married—yeah you got it, Stephanie Swift. And of course at the alter, she decides to come clean to her little indiscretion. She confesses that she doesn't love her botfriend, and while this is all going down Vince tries to sneak out, but of course they catch him first.

When Tony wakes up and heads downstairs, Vince is there waiting for him. Vince however doesn't even assume that Tony has been fucking around with his wife. Tony heads up stairs to get Vince's wife, and all she wants to do is suck his cock. Which of coarse he lets her, but this all stops as soon as Tony tells her that Vince is downstairs. Of course when Vince and Silk meet up, they are both all smiles to each other, neither letting on about what they have done.

After dinner, Mr. Marcus and Lexus get it on, which is intercut with Vince and Silk both listening in at different times. I have to say Lexus is a hottie, and this scene proves it. Meanwhile in the other room Silk and Tony are getting it on. When Vince knocks on the door, Tony sends Silk out to the roof. Silk climbs out and then climbs into the room with Lexus and Mr. Marcus. Of course she wants a piece of the action, and she sits in a chair in the corner masturbating. Of course we then watch as she shoves a dildo up both her ass and pussy. At the sight of this Mr. Marcus heads over and shoves his dick in her face, and invites her to join them. Needless to say, Mr. Marcus throttles both of them, and ultimately fucks Silk in the ass. We leave the two of them, with Silk stroking Mr. Marcus off.

Vince however, is not without getting some action himself. As he heads outside he runs into Shay Sweet and Katie Gold. They offer him some wine, and he offers them some cock. Vince starts out with Sweet, fucking her fine little ass out from under her, and then he moves on to nail Kaite Gold in the ass, while she lies on her back on the bed. In the end Vince, jerks himself a soda all over Sweet and Gold.

In the morning, Vince tells Silk that he is staying in California, and Silk is more than ok to return to Jersey without him. In the end everyone finds out about everyone else's double cross, and they all leave as friends.

Oh yeah. One thing about the extras. Vivid has this tendency to put a ton of stuff on their DVDs some of it is great some of it isn't. With the amount of stuff chalked onto these disks you would think that I would give it a higher grade, but in reality in order to get a higher grade I usually have to see something unique, and as far as unique goes this disk ain't got it.

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