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Title: Buda  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B



Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Evil Empire

Overall Rating: C+

Female Looks: B

Male Looks: C+

Audio/Video Quality: D

Extras Rating: A

Sex Rating: A-

Plot/Acting: B


Cast: Rocco Siffredi, Holly Black, Ursula Moore, Reka, Judith Grant, Sylvia, Angela, Amanda Steel, Christy, Suzy, Blondy, and Emanuel

Director: John Stagliano

Look I just want to get this out of the way. At over three hours the only thing that I have to say is to Mr. Stagliano—you know you can leave shit out of the movie right? I mean its like watching the English Patient of porn. After the first disk and two hours I am done, and don't need anymore, so to put the second disk in and find there is an hour and a half remaining really makes me think that someone just wanted to make an extra long porno—not a good porno, just a long one. My recommendation is don't ever try this again.

Before we get started I would like to say a few things about the extras on this disk. First, it is chalked full of extras, including filmographies, extra footage, documentaries...you name this flick has got it. However, they set the material up in such a way that the film is split across the two disks. This I think is not such a good idea, because watching a porn is not like watching a movie from Blockbuster, in that once things get going you don't want to flip disks. It just ain't going to happen. I would even bet that half the people who bought this flick haven't even seen the second disk. In the future I think that this is something to be avoided. But there is one thing to consider. The movie is over 3 hours long, so there is a good chance that it won't fit on one disk. Ok now on to the good stuff.

We open with a couple walking along the water line in I think Rome. The girl is hot and ready to go, or so its seems, and the boyfriend seems like he just wants a carefree night. This pisses her off and she slaps him. He then takes her and throws her inside a warehouse that they just have recently pulled up to. The entire film is in subtitles (or at least up to this point) and so it is hard to really follow the action. The girl has been thrown onto the couch, while the boyfriend talks business with the other men in the room. As a fight ensues between the men, the girlfriend sneaks out the back. It isn't long though before her boyfriend knows that she is missing, and then he and his crew head off after her. We then see her as she pulls up to a group of hookers, and is then mistaken for a hooker herself as a car pulls up. After walking aimlessly through the streets she happens upon a live sex show, and is captured by the men that run it who in turn force her out into the group with the other participants.

In the room we see two brunette women in almost see through dresses getting fondled by the men in the room. Both of the women are hot, but the scene isn't really shot in a manner to accentuate this. And after the men have ample time to play around with these women, we finally get down to the two girls dropping to their knees and sucking cock. The action is a little disjointed though as it seems like it took forever and a day just to get to a point in the movie with decent sex. Actually it took 20 minutes. Soon a blonde walks in, who looks like she runs the whole operation. I have to say she isn't the most attractive woman in the world, and it wouldn't hurt her to go out and fun a few laps once and a while. Once she enters the room she garners the attention of two of the participants who quickly shuffle her off to the side, at which point she starts to such down both their cocks. Back in the main room however, the two initial brunettes are getting nailed from behind. Soon though the action goes anal, with each girl exhibiting a gaping wide asshole that is just begging to be filed with a huge cock. The blonde, however, is getting her asshole fingered while all this is going on. After a while, however we finally see the blonde enter the action as she starts to take it up the ass as well. As if there wasn't enough going on, in walks Rocco who has been directing the action from afar all along. Rocco lays down and has one of the girls sit on his face, at which point he kindly cleans her pussy with his tongue. Here we find the original girlfriend who was hiding out in the corner, now in the middle of all the action. She is getting fucked from behind, while sucking down Rocco's cock. You can hear Rocco in the background directing the action which makes me think that this movie is about making a porn movie, but something tells me that I am wrong about this. Be that as it may, the girlfriend has really gotten into the action and is now jerking off another man into the face of the blonde. I have to say that she really has a thirst for cum, and looks like she is truly enjoying herself. But just when you thought the scene was over, the girlfriend then gets it up the ass (you know come to think of it the girlfriend here looks a bit like Tracy Gold from Growing Pains—I know I know you think I smoke crack, but I swear I don't). She gets it up the ass but good, and all the while Rocco is in front of her taunting her. In the end though her fuck dumps a load of cum right on her asshole.

While all this is going on, the boy friend that she left behind is driving the streets looking for her. They soon pull up to the building and come in guns blazing. They shoot the guy that is fucking the girlfriend, and quickly break up the groups little fuck party. They kidnap Rocco and all of them hop back in their cars and drive to some undisclosed location (which what looks to be a transvestite dance club). On the stage at the club are two transvestites singing to a room full of biker dudes, and after the song is over everyone in the room gets up and starts dancing. You know sometimes you just feel like you are stuck in the middle of a bad movie and don't know how to get out. That is about how I feel at this point. After the dancing we find out that the gangster's were going to turn over Rocco to the transvestite, but he is soon saved by a very hot brunette, although you really can't tell from the quality of the film. And after a little talk between the two of them, and the brunette drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. The two of them have at each other, and ultimately rest down in the corner of the room with the brunette on top of Rocco. After she rides his cock for a little while, Rocco switches things up and pounds his cock into her while she lies on her back. Of course though Rocco has to have his kink, and he finds it here by licking and fingering her asshole. He then nails her in the asshole only to ultimately cum all over her asshole. I have to say the lighting in this scene was worse than most of the home movies you see on the internet.

The next day we find the girlfriend from the previous evening back with her boyfriend at a party, that is being frequented by a bunch of porn stars who don't understand the concept of underwear. Rocco then shows up with the hot brunette, and he immediately makes eye contact with the girl friend. The girl friend is of course more than knowledgeable as to who Rocco is (remember he was the one that was taunting her as she was getting fucked in the ass). After a while the brunette notices that Rocco is giving the girlfriend the eye, and this really starts to piss her off. But in the end she knows that Rocco wants the other girl, and so she simply leaves.

As an orgy ensues downstairs between the beautiful porn star looking guests and the boyfriend and his henchmen, the girlfriend slips out and heads off to find Rocco. Needless to say in about 40 minutes of adulterated anal sex everybody left behind finds out exactly the length, width and depth of the shaft. The shitty thing is that we have to switch disks to find out what happened to Rocco and the girlfriend.

When we catch up with the show on disc 2, we find that the girlfriend is running down the same street that the movie started on and is looking for Rocco. But before she gets to him, she is snatched up off the street by two of the boyfriends henchmen. The henchmen take her back to the room they were holding her at in the beginning of the movie, and she calls Rocco to come save her. Rocco, being the stud that he is, wastes no time breaking into the building. As he walks into the building, he has to sneak past several hot women playing pool. But before he can get past he is discovered by them, and they want him to perform sexual favors in order for her to get past. And with that they all strip down to their bare essentials and force their asses into his face. Rocco, not wanting to turn down a hot piece of ass, complies, all the way until the boyfriend walks in and pistol whips Rocco.

When Rocco awakens, he is led to the top of the building by a solitary hot blonde in white large hole stockings. He quickly disrobes her and heads straight for her asshole. I think I might know why the video quality is so bad on this flick. In certain angles, that hot blond looks like she has a massive acne problem. Maybe the poor quality and lighting for a reason. Of course I don't think Rocco really cares as she chomps down on his cock. Soon his is rock hard and has her perched atop her cock. Of course though the action wouldn't be complete with out Rocco nailing her in the ass. Of course he can't hit her ass with the cock straight away, so he starts to loosen her up with a little fingering. But soon enough he has plunged his cock all the way down her ass. In the end Rocco jizes all over her asshole, which at this point is gaping wide open.

The girlfriend is now being held by three of the boyfriend's henchmen, and the only way that she is going to be able to escape is if she gives them a piece of her ass. But once their guard is down she grabs the gun. At this point Rocco busts into the room, the girlfriend shoots one of the henchmen, and the two of them run off. They reappear at a hotel room, where we get our final sex scene of the movie (if you can believe it). I have to say that the two of them are really hot together, and it is great to see such a beautiful woman get fucked so hard. The anal scene here is the best in the movie, partly because it takes place during the day. The action is intimate and sultry, and it is almost worth the wait. In the end Rocco shoots a massive load all over her face. Now that is true love.

There is another thing that is worth noting about the video quality on this disk—it is awful. The early parts of the movie take place at night, and the shots are grainy a poorly lit. It is a shame too given that the film was shot in 1997, which means that they could have at least used a decent camera.

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