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Title: Real Sex Magazine #36  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: A


Real Sex Magazine 36

Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- A

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- A

Sex- A

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- D

A/V Quality- A

Time- 1:29


Director-Wild Bill Witrock

Cast- Jade, Elizabeth, Vanisha, Tabitha

Review- I have yet to see a Real Sex Magazine that I didn't love. Wild Bill Witrock has the gift of finding the hottest teenage girls on the planet and convincing them to take their clothes off. I think this guy should release a how to manual for all the pathetic geeks in the world who have fantasies just like this movie. Once again I got to watch an hour and a half of beautiful girls sucking and fucking and I didn't have a single complaint.

The first scene stars Elizabeth who's a 19-year-old blonde. She's extremely hot with small, perky tits and a small stripe of hair above her clit. She takes on a guy named Lee and he starts off by sucking on her small tits. He decides he wants to play with other things and drops his head down between her legs. He does a great job of sucking and licking her clit, and she's getting so turned on that she has to shove her hand down there and play with herself. Then it's time for her to do some sucking and she must be a nut girl because she immediately starts sucking on this guy's balls. In fact, she spends most of the time down there sucking on his balls. They start fucking in missionary with him sitting upright, so you get a nice shot of her shaved pussy and his dick sliding into it. She ends up mounting him for a while and then they flip to doggy style. While he's slamming her from behind she reaches back and plays with his nuts and her clit at the same time. Flipping back to mish he keeps pounding her and she plays with herself again. He pulls out and blows a load all over her stomach, which she proceeds to rub all over her tits.

Vanisha is a 19-year-old redhead who's another extremely good-looking girl. She's slightly big-built, but not in a way that's unattractive. She also has a slightly big booty but no guy I know wouldn't like to get a hold of it. She also has big, natural tits. I would guess about a C-cup. Her guy comes in to the bedroom and starts to lick her snatch for a while and does a pretty good job of it. Then she blows him, and at first she can't take much of him in because the guy has a big cock. She's only able to take about of him into her mouth. By the end she's at about . They start fucking when she mounts him facing away and lowers her pussy onto his cock. She rides him for quite a while and then they fuck mish. She flips over to get fucked from behind, which is her favorite position according to her bio. From her screams I'd have to believe her. They fuck mish again until the guy pulls out and blows it into her mouth. At the end she looks at the camera and gives a cum-bubbling goodbye.

The third scene is Jade a really hot 19-year-old Asian girl who maybe wears a little too much makeup. She also has natural tits. This is the first scene in any of these Real Sex Magazine movies where the chick doesn't get fucked. Jade just masturbates for about 15 minutes or so, and she's really hot so it's not too bad but it would've been nice to see SOME action, even if it was just a blowjob or something. Anyway, she's on a couch playing with herself. She starts out with her hand rubbing her clit, and then she moves on to a couple different vibrators, although I don't think she penetrates herself at all. She spends most of the time playing with her clit.

In the final scene we get the honor of watching Tabitha and her husband. Tabitha is another, you guessed hot, really gorgeous blonde 19-year-old with natural tits and a body that will make you cry. Her husband is actually pretty decent looking too. The guy's covered in tattoos and his dick isn't huge, but at least he's not terrifying looking. It's been my experience that in a lot of cases these couples's scenes have a hot chick and a terrifying guy. Not the case here. He starts off by sucking on her pussy, but only for a couple minutes. Then it's her turn to blow him. She manages to take all of him into her mouth, since he's not the biggest buy in the world. Plus she's probably used to him. They fuck mish and then she flips over onto her stomach. They fuck doggy style with her actually lying on the bed. You get a really nice shot of her pussy getting pounded from behind. After mounting him and riding his cock they fuck missionary again and this time she uses a vibrator on her clit, plus she's playing with her tits the whole time. He ends up pulling out of her pussy and cumming on her stomach, except that he goes off like a shotgun and it goes all the way up to her face. It must've been a while since he got any. There's no way I couldn't recommend any of this series to a horny guy. Just make sure you watch it scene by scene, otherwise you might miss some good whacking opportunities.


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