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Title: Darkside  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A



Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Cal Vista Pictures

Overall Rating: B-

Female Looks: A

Male Looks: B

Audio/Video Quality: C+

Extras Rating: B

Sex Rating: B

Plot/Acting: C


Cast: Nicole, Wendi Knight, Dee, Casha Rae, Allias, Asheley Sage, Alexandra Quinn, Bianca Jordon, and Taylor St. Claire.

Director: Mike Quasar

Our movie opens with Nicole Sheridin and Joel Lawrence ripping into each other, and not in a good way. They must be married, and soon enough that is confirmed when we find out that they are fighting over the fact that Joel has certain elicit fantasies about his wife. She thinks he is a fruit because he fantasizes about her getting nailed by everyone including the milk man. As he is late for work, Joel storms out in the middle of the conversation, and heads for work. At work he tells his secretary (Bianca Jordan) that his wife thinks that the two of them are having an affair, when the secretary hears this she says that maybe they should consider doing it since he is already being accused of it and all. Like a good husband though he turns down her offer (stupid fuck), but that doesn't stop him from fantasizing about fucking her which is exactly what he does. The scene replays itself with her asking him and this time he jumps at the opportunity, undoing her bra and throwing her onto his desk. This fantasy is ended abruptly however by a phone call.

When he heads home, Nicole tries to act out one of her husband's fantasies but is rudely rebuffed. She then calls her friend (Alexandra Quinn) for advice about having a sex life while being married and we find that her friend has even kinkier habits than she could imagine. She has two girlfriends over (Wendi Knight and Casha Rae Allias), and the three of them are getting it on while husband Sean Michaels videotapes from the background. Quinn is a hot brunette with curly hair that runs halfway down her shoulders. She is posed against a cute brunette with straight hair, and a blonde, which I can't get a really good look at because her face is buried in the wife's muff most of the time. They all get each other's rocks off, and they suddenly we cut to a dick getting sucked and it isn't Sean's. Rather, it is the bald headed Mark Davis, who I tend to think is a few years past his prime. But this doesn't stop him from fucking the shit out of the gorgeous curly headed brunette. From there he moves over to fuck the straight haired brunette, and then to finish things up he cocks up the blonde. After getting his dick into all of them he shoots his load all over the blondes tits, and the two brunettes lick every little bit up.

We then cut back to Joel who is disgruntled because his wife has burned up all his porn. Yet all is not lost—because he still has his credit cards. And with a little internet connection, Joel is back in business streaming porn straight to his computer. On the computer is a blonde (who looks as though she is still wearing braces—it is actually Ashely Sage) and a hot brunette (Taylor St. Claire), both of whom are taking on Vince Voyuer. Taylor sucks a mean cock, and Vince knows it, trying not to shoot his wad too soon. But Taylor (who looks a lot like Hunter Tylo) delivers a nasty and wet blowjob. After Taylor it is the blonde's turn, in which case I truly hope (for Vince's sake) that she doesn't have braces on. After trading the cock back and forth between the two girls, Vince lays Taylor on her back and fucks the shit out of her, as the blonde sits on her face. There is nothing like seeing a nice and natural pairs of tits bounce back and forth under the pressure of a good fuck. Soon Vince switches up and takes the blonde from behind, pushing her head into the mattress. And after that he gets both girls on their knees and moves back and forth between fucking each pussy. Although there is no anal in this scene, I still think it was a winner. And with that he shoots his load over the two of them.

Nicole and Joel, then, go to see a marriage counselor (Dee). Finally, Dee gets the two of them to open up in their sexual fantasies. Dee orders them to immediately act out their fantasies, and get their cheating out of the way. And with that the two of them leave, but of course we know that Dee has different plans. As soon as the couple is our of the room, she spreads her legs and shows us that she isn't wearing any underwear. We then cut to a shot of Nicole naked in a chair watching Dee suck off Joel. Now wouldn't it be nice if every women's fantasy was to watch their man get it on with another women. I don't fucking think so. But hey its porn you know—you can have your cake and eat it too, and the best part is that it is always fat free. That is, porn fantasies are always perfect that's why its porn. After Dee gets a good mouthful of Joel's cock, Nicole comes over and joins them, and the two share the cock between them. Joel then takes Dee from behind while Dee eats out Nicole. Personally I don't find Dee very attractive, and so I am just waiting until it is Nicole's turn at bat. And soon enough it is, with her riding his cock reverse cowgirl all the way to the finish line. As soon as he cums though, we find out that this was all one of Dee's dreams.

Joel, the smart man, tries to make up for lost time, and heads back to get it on with his secretary. Without a second thought he strips her down and lays her back on the table. Once her top is off you can see that Bianca's biggest assets are her two huge tits. It is a shame that for such a beautiful women she can't such cock any better that what appears to be a 14 year old Catholic School girl. I haven't seen a girl drop a cock so much since the all girl's rooster carry. When we get down to fucking, Joel takes her from behind and pounds away at her pussy as she is bent over the desk. In all though Bianca is some really good eye candy, and there are some great shots of her on top of Joel fucking the shit out of him. In the end Joel nails her right in the face with his white hot love chutney.

We then cut to Nicole hanging out with the pool guy (Sean Michaels). She confronts him, and at first he seems a little aloof about all of this, but soon enough he heads straight for her. Without any delay all her clothes are off, and Sean is buried in her muff. Without too much horseplay, Sean sticks his cock into her as she is lying on her back on the couch, and throttles up the action. You can always tell how much a girl has gotten around by how much of Sean's cock will fit up inside her. With Nicole all I have to say is that she has really been around, as Sean is Balls Deep in her. The best however is a shot of her riding Sean's cock reverse cowgirl followed by Nicole getting fucked up the ass by that monstrosity. Same rule applies for anal sex, and I think the same thing can be said about Nicole, in that we can't even see Sean's cock it is so far up her ass. In the end Sean busts a nut all over her face.

We then return to the happy couple getting into bed, and now that their tensions are out of the way, the two of them start in on each other. But this is one scene we won't get to watch, as the camera fades to black.

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