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Title: Meridian Makes a Movie  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Meridian Makes a Movie

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Wicked Pictures

Overall Rating: A-

Female Looks: A

Male Looks: B+

Audio/Video Quality: B-

Extras Rating: A

Sex Rating: A-

Plot/Acting: B+


Cast: Mona, Lola, Sharon, Megi, Kate Sweet, Kety, Lisa, Angel, Kamil Klein, Ellen, Jesika, Fredy, George, Pavel Salnaj, Pitr Rain, Mr. Stanley, Jakub, Ralph, Brand Noe, Von, and Robert Rosenberg

Director: Richard Mailer

Not to be left out of the mining of Eastern European women, Wicked brings us a movie about a movie (a metamovie if you will) about post-Hapsburg Bolivia, which is now the Czech Republic. From the looks of it the movie has an entirely foreign cast, and so, with the exception of the title character, I would suspect that most of these names should be new to everyone (as they are to me). So while our opening shots are of all these people done up in 19th Century Period garb, we soon here a cut the action and are taken behind the scenes with the cameras and lighting. From here we find a hot brunette taking her man out back and unbuttoning his pants (I guess you would call them knickers) and giving him a quick dick lick. As things hear up though, they decide to take the action inside. I have to say I am a little confused whether this is part of the movie they are shooting, or whether these are two of the actors from the movie getting it on in their spare time. It really doesn't matter though, as the girl is hot, on her knees and sucking cock. Does plot really matter that much? I didn't think so. From the look of this film I wouldn't be surprised if this company worked for Private, as the shots have a Private-type grainy sort of video feel to them, even though there is no degradation to the video quality. It isn't long before our couple is balls deep into the action, as she is bent over and he is fucking her from behind. After seeing a condom I really hope that this isn't supposed to be from the film, as they didn't have condoms in the 19th century, at least not latex ones. The sex is hot, as neither of the participants bother to take off all their clothes before going at it. I have to say that this chick gets the shit fucked out of her, as we go from a really hot vaginal scene, to her taking it up the ass full force. In the end though, she still gets it in the face from his uncircumcised cock.

Immediately after he finishes his cum shot, some PA from Wicked shows up and tells them to head to the set as they are ready to start filming again. The movie in the movie is about royal marriages that are prescribed beforehand, and the women typically have little say in it. When we return to Meridian (our heroine) she is approving costumes for the orgy scene that they are about to shoot. I have to say that Meridian (Mona) is hot, but she can't act (let alone act in English) for shit. After she approves the costumes the 5 couples file into a room and starting making out on chairs. With all the preparation the clothes are almost off in about 30 seconds. The problem with most orgy scenes is that they are usually over the top, and there is so much action going on in them that you have trouble connecting with anything. I think this is certainly the case in this scene. While there are 5 incredible couples here, including 5 of the most insanely beautiful girls you are likely to see in porn, there is simply too much action here, and you are simply left bouncing back and forth between couples and wide shots in 5 second intervals. Be that as it may thought, I should say that there is a magic in seeing so many women sucking so many cocks at the same time. And like synchronized swimmers, when one couple starts fucking, it seems like they are all fucking. I mean could it be anymore timed? I love the costumes and I love some of the wide shots but by and large the whole scene is too sterile for my tastes. One thing you can't get with a one on one scene thought, is 5 different cum shots back to back. Now that is magic.

Next we see a blonde in jeans trying to get herself off without taking off any clothes, but before she can really get into it she is called to her scene by Mona. At the same time two cops show up asking for a permit. One thing that I really liked here is Mona's looking straight into the camera to translate the action. I think its is a creative way of getting around the use of voice over narration that is really worth comment. Of course Mona doesn't have a permit, and so she sends her frisky blonde over to take care of them. I course she strips for them no problem, and pretty soon the two of them are wanting every inch of her. She is a hot blonde with that distinctive Eastern European look. She also has a nice tan and great hips. While she is getting it on with the cops, Mona goes and grabs everyone to have the head back to the hotel before they get caught. Somehow I think that the cops are going to be a while, for they are at this moment sucking on this blonde's tits and eating out her pussy. And of course while she is down on her knees she doesn't waste any time in taking up a cock for a nice little suckfest. Soon she is getting fucked from behind while she continues to suck does one of the guards, and after a while she climbs on top and gets fucked in the ass reverse cowgirl. In the end she gets a nice load straight to the face.

Meanwhile, outside of town, two of the rejects from Mona's casting call are hitchhiking their way to Prague. They are both dressed in ridiculous red tights and are wearing masks. After they fall into a pool though they have to take off their clothes and mask to dry off, and of course the women who picked them up from the side of the road is a beautiful blonde. The video quality in this scene really isn't all that great, and it's a shame because the girl in this scene is truly hot. She undresses for the two men, revealing a black bra and panties as well as thigh high black stockings. She then drops to her feet and starts to suck these two guys off. With a perfect body, complexion and gorgeous face, this girl is a sight to see. When they get down to fucking, this action is all anal baby as she thrusts herself up and down on one of the two guy's cocks, while continuing to suck the other down. The climax comes when this hot blonde takes on both men DP style. In the end she takes both cum shots straight in the face.

The next scene is with Mona and one of the cast (I don't know his name). Mona is a hot blonde, with a great personality for the camera. It is no wonder she is a Wicked contract girl. Mona lays back on the bed and lets her little man lick her asshole and eat out her pussy. I should also mention that Mona is dressed to the nines with a white bra and panties, but it isn't long before both of them are lying on the floor. When it is Mona's turn to suck cock, she wastes no time and doesn't make small talk to the camera. Instead her attention is focused directly on the cock she is sucking. When we get down to fucking, again they don't mess around as this scene is all anal. But it doesn't last for long, because as soon as you know it Mona is jerking herself a soda form the man's cock.

We arrive back at the set the next day, where the leading man and leading lady are practicing their lines, and then find that they can't control themselves. The girl here is a hot brunette, with fire in her eyes and a mole above her lips. Soon the tow of them are on the floor fucking their brains out. Well ok they aren't on the floor, but rather on the table. And here we finally have some vaginal sex in the midst of all these anal romps. Our boy makes quick work of her though, giving her the big O as she lies on her back on the table. All this and he still hasn't fucked her in the ass. The action here is hot, and these two are all over the room. And you know what in the end, she gets a facial, but doesn't get fucked in the ass. I think I feel a little at a loss because of this. Because in the end this is one girl that you would love to see get it in the ass.

We then cut to Mona having a little lesbian tryst with one of her cast mates. This really makes me wonder: with all this fucking when does she have time to shoot her movie? I guess these are questions we just don't ask. The two women strip each other down, and orally explore each others' bodies. Meanwhile, outside the prince who is to marry Mona is looking for her. It is not long before he stumbles into this action, and is able to nail to blondes for the price of one. Each girl takes her turn sucking down the royal cock, and while one girl is getting the royal treatment, the other is eating out her pussy. As soon as his cock is hard enough he thrusts into Mona's wet pussy, this while Mona and the other girl are in the middle of a little 69 action. The action is pretty intense here are both girls trade off on riding the prince's cock. And in the end, the prince spills his royal juice all over both of the girls. Ah it must be good to be the king!

One thing about the extras and I'm done. Most of the time I dog on company's who don't put something interesting as an extra for the flick. In this case I think Wicked really hit the mark, in giving us a behind the scenes shot of how a body caste is made. And actually it is really interesting. I mean who would have thought that they would have dumped plastic on her ass and pussy and then let it dry, but that is exactly how it is done. As far as an extra goes for a DVD this was one that I actually bothered to watch. SO if you ever wanted to know how they made those Plastic Portable Porn Star Pussies, this is something for you.

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