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Title: Welcum to Chloeville  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: C+


Welcome to Chloeville

Dated Reviewed: February 28, 2001

Company: Elegant Angel.

Cast: Dayton Rains, Ginger Paige, Lola, T.J. Hart, Shelbee Myne and Chloe.

Director: Chloe.

Grade: D.

DVD Extras: B

There is a photo gallery of stills from the movie, as well as some trailers of other movies and commercials for phone sex lines. Lastly, there is a plug for the website at www.elegantangel.com.

Bottom Line:

I really don't know what to say about this film, because there is really great sex in it, but it is ruined by a horrible premise. This was a little too much of Chloe in one sitting. If you are a Chloe fan then you might take a little different perspective on this film. For me there were parts were I couldn't help but laugh, not because it was funny, but because it was really sad.

The Feature: 5 Chapters.

Chloe is a trip. She is a little self-absorbed, and a little odd. We are told by her that Chloeville is the place she goes when she cums. What she wants to do in the opening seem is masturbate for the camera so that she can cum into a turkey baster. She wants to cum as many times as necessary to fill the turkey baster up with Chloe juices. I have to say that it is pretty clinical as far as Chloe getting herself off. I mean you can't really talk about masturbating in such a matter of fact sense of and still think that it is going to be sexy. It's like "ok I am going to masturbate now". Yet I have to say that Chloe is a bottle rocket in that when she cums it is pretty explosive. Yet she ruins her orgasm for the camera by giving us a blow by blow of what she is going to do next ("now I am going to take the turkey baster and suck out my cum"). She continues this process of masturbating and milking her pussy for cum, until she is satisfied that she has enough for her friends. Over and Over and Over. Its like a watching an instant replay for the XFL—it doesn't get any better than when you see it the first time. I mean after watching her cum once we just don't have any where else to go. Yet I have to say that it is almost hilarious how much Chloe looks like a case study for porn stars. When she cums she looks like she is getting a shot of heroine, and she is constantly after that high each and every time she touches her self. Talk about a sex addict. Chloe even proceeds to fist herself (or so we are told), but you can't see anything as there is a little black ball covering her pussy during this part. This is really anti-climatic, but I guess there are some European viewers who might enjoy it a little more thoroughly.

After this endless loop of Chloe masturbating with various objects pool side, we cut to Dayton Rains and some guy. Chloe walks in and asks if she can squirt some of he juices on to her pussy to make her horny. I am sorry but this is pretty lame. Its like watching the people who produce those really horrible teen dramas on the WB or UPN that air on Saturday mornings, produce a porn. Call it 'Saved By The Bell' the porno years. Of course Dayton gets turned on and starts sucking down her friends massive cock, but for me the scene is already ruined, which is a real shame because Dayton is a hot blonde who looks like she is straight from the beaches of Southern California. When these two get down to fucking the action is pretty hot and heavy, even to the point of Dayton having to have her mouth covered because she is making too much noise. After a little while this guy gets Dayton on her back and starts to choke her in order to make her orgasm more intense (kids don't try this at home). And here as Dayton cums we watch her try to give us her best Chloe impersonation, with her eyes rolling back up inside her head. In the end Dayton takes a shot to the face

In the next scene we see Chloe doing the same trick with some guy and Lola. I have seen Lola in other films and I think she has a great body and great tits. Of course to make the premise work Lola is not horny, and it is up to Chloe's juices to make things work here. I really have to say that watching these scenes with Chloe is more frustrating than anything. I mean it isn't sexy, it isn't even funny—it just seems like Elegant Angel just plum ran out of ideas. After Chloe sprinkles her love juice all over Lola, of course Lola gets hot and heavy and starts sucking down her man's cock. Meanwhile Chloe is eating Lola out. You know I just noticed that Lola has some fucked up two front teeth. The are white and clean, but they look sort of bucked and crooked. Straight out of Appalachia. Lola lets go of the cock in front of her and Chloe heads straight for it, almost pushing Lola out of the way. Then after a short stint with Lola attacking this guys cock as if to bite it off, Lola and Chloe share the duties. The action here does get pretty hot and heavy as both girls are really eager to milk this guys cock for all they can get out of it. When we get down to fucking, Lola is the first one to get nailed. We then watch Chloe gets nailed from behind, while she fucks the shit out of Lola with a dildo. Chloe drives Lola to orgasm by throttling her with this massive dildo. Its kind of funny because Chloe is getting fucked from behind during this scene and yet she really seems more interested in Lola. The climax of the scene is when we watch Chloe, propped up on her shoulders, get fucked in the ass to the point that her eyes roll up into the back of head. Then Lola fists her pussy (again with the black dot) while she continues to get throttled up the ass. This makes Chloe about bust open with an orgasm. In the end both girls get a shot to the face, although it is Chloe who tries to hog all the cum.

The next scene is with Shelbee Myne and Ginger Paige, both of whom are sitting pool side kissing and caressing each other. Here it looks like we have finally found a scene which doesn't need Chloe magic juices to get things started. Both girls undress each other and slowly undress each other while necking. But just as the action starts to heat up, they move inside to the kitchen and decide to poor a bottle of mineral water all over each other. Shelbee looks awful in this lighting with a really bad boob job and way too many freckles as if she has spent a little bit too much time in the sun. Shelbee also has these really long braids in her hair that look good from far away, but look awful in close up. Then just when things looked as if they would get interesting in walks Chloe who stops the scene dead in it tracks. She gives them her little spiel, and they of course decide to go for it. This is a pointless break in the action, because as soon as Chloe is done squirting her shit on these girl, she leaves and these girls go back at it again. You know Shelbee really isn't attractive at all. Her boob job looks like water wings that have some how been misplaced under her skin, and what is with that tattoo on her ass (it looks like a bad piece of Harley Davidson artwork). The action in this scene really isn't all that either. Both girls drive each other to orgasm (either through digit or dildo manipulation), but the action never really reaches a boil.

The next scene is with T.J. Hart who is playing the role of masseuse to Mark Davis. In walks Chloe (thankfully before things heat up), and gives her little talk about her Chloe juice and what not. After this is over we get back to some decent action. T.J. Hart doesn't look bad here. She has full tits and a little extra meat where it counts. Mark Davis starts out by finger fucking her for all that he can. Another great thing about Hart is that she is bendable as all get out, and Davis makes sure to use this to his advantage, by pinning her legs behind her head and fingering her asshole practically to the point of fisting it. From here Davis goes straight for the anal action plunge his cock into her asshole for all it is worth. I have to give T.J. credit because she takes it in stride, and we all know that Mark Davis is no Max Hardcore. The action here gets pretty hot, as Hart is brought to a practically drooling state by Davis' cock. In the end Davis jerks himself a soda all over Hart's face. Not bad but not great

In the last scene we watch Chloe give herself the dose of Chloe juice in front of Kyle Stone. Soon these two are all over each other, but you really get the feeling that this is something you haven't seen earlier. Watching Chloe cum here is like watching a naked improvisational dance. At this point there has just been a little too much of Chloe for me, and I am sure for everyone.

Spyke at luv_spyke@hotmail.com



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