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Title: Eyes Wide Open  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Eyes Wide Open

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Vivid Raw

Overall Rating: A-

Female Looks: A-

Male Looks: B

Audio/Video Quality: A

Extras Rating: A

Sex Rating: A

Plot/Acting: C


Cast: Zana, Taylor St. Claire, Dasha, Mia Starr, and Meriesa.

Director: Robby D

While I have to admit that Vivid's stuff is usually a bit pedestrian for me, I have really been impressed with the Vivid Raw stuff. From the guy who brought you Action Sex Sports, Robby D, we have Eyes Wide Open, which looks to be a voyeuristic trip with hot girls and hot sex. The cool thing about the Raw flicks is that they don't concern themselves with watering down the action to make the movie more palatable to a wider audience. And so (at least from my experience with the Action Sex Sports series) the action proves to be almost (note almost) as hot as say an Anabolic flick.

Our film opens with a man reclined in a chair watching several video screens. Of course the screens take you into the private lives of various couples who are about to impart themselves in flagrante delicto. Without much more of a lead into the plot (assuming there is one), we move from the action on the video screen to shots of the couple in the room. Here we have Robby D. going down on the very hot Nikita Denise. Denise is a hot and sultry brunette with a killer body and long black hair. The best thing about her (other than the near complete absence of any flab on her) is that she has an incredible smile. Too bad we don't get to see it much in this scene, considering that immediately after Robby tongue fucks her clit she returns the favor by deep throating his cock. And thus her mouth is full for most of the scene. One thing to note here is that there is no music, just the sounds of the two of them going at it. Every once and a while we return to the mysterious man in the chair, but this is only a transitional shot as we return to the action almost immediately. And when we do return here, you can see very easily why Vivid considers this their raw section. Robby D. doesn't waste any time and shoots straight for Denise's ass. He spreads her legs and just plunges his condom covered cock right in. From here we get a great shot of Denise's incredible body, as Roby pulls out a chair so that she can ride his cock reverse cowgirl. The action is pretty raw and crude, as there is still no music and no funky editing. And to top it off the action is all anal—all anal all the time. I think that should be a slogan don't you? Robby finishes his little anal endeavor by taking her up the ass doggystyle, but we are denied the money shot as we pull back to our mysterious man just as Robby is busting a nut, and from here we move on to couple number two. The only thing that I can tell about out mystery man is that thus far he doesn't seem to have a boner. What a shame.

Our second couple in this closed circuit sex romp involves Zana. Zana is a little blonde, smut talking, slut, who can't wait to such down some cock. She is a really beautiful woman to be honest, with shoulder length golden hair, tan skin and beautifully round tits. Another great thing is that she sucks cock like a Hoover Vacuum cleaner. But sucking cock isn't enough and so she has to get her self off as well. When we get down to fucking Zana just climbs on top of his cock, and starts riding him. She is definitely into it, and fucks him like she is after the big O. I can tell you she doesn't have to wait long. The only problem here is that the beginning of the shot is established from the corner of the room, which is way to far away for my tastes. Thankfully this doesn't last long, as we are brought straight into the action, as Zana rides this cock reverse cowgirl. It is not long before Zana is reduced to a mound of quivering flesh, when she takes this massive cock up her ass. The great thing about this scene is that Zana just looks perfect—almost like Barbi getting a good piece of wood from Ken. The best part however is Zana taking it anally simply by lying on her back and spreading her legs. This time however we aren't denied the money shot as this cum hungry slut is drenched in the white good stuff before the scene is over. But something tells me that Zana could have kept going.

Dasha is the next slut caught on tape. She is incredibly hot. Bleach blonde, blue eyes, and a slender stomach, makes for one hot porn star. The best thing is that Dasha loves the cock, which she proves repeatedly while sucking her man's cock, as he lies back on the couch. There is a great shot of her just playing with this guy's cock in between sucking sessions that is fantastic. There is nothing better than seeing a girl who truly loves sex, and if Dasha doesn't truly love sex then she should get an Academy Award. When we get down to fucking, Dasha isn't a fish either. Starting out reverse cowgirl we get a fantastic shot of her lean legs, and her healthy hips. By 'healthy' I mean that she isn't too skinny and has just enough meat on her bones for proper grabbing action. You know a good pair of hips are as important as a good pair of handle bars on a bike. Dasha is an anal slut too you know. She takes it up the ass while lying on her back on the couch. And I have to tell you this is a great shot—she is drooling with delight, and his cock looks to pull her body apart with each thrust. In the end though the cum shot is more than desirable, as out boy dumps a load of cum right on her tongue. Now that scene was truly high quality porn.

You know with all the porn this guy has on closed circuit TV, you would think that our mystery man would at least have a woody. But nope, this guy is about as hard as a stick of margarine on the microwave.

You know if I had to pick one of the hottest, and underrated, actresses in the business right now it would be Taylor St. Claire. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous (she is like a porn version of Hunter Tylo), she is also an incredible performer. Case in point, Taylor is laying back in the bed getting eaten out by this guy, and she is truly into it, and is truly searching for the big O at the end of his tongue. When it is her turn to deliver the oral delight, we also get a great shot of two beautiful breasts that are either all natural or from the best plastic surgeon in the country. And to top it all off, Taylor is a nasty bitch to boot, delivering a sensationally wet and slobbering blowjob. When we get down to fucking she is taken on her back spread eagle, with her legs cocked up into the air. It takes her a few seconds, but soon she is off to the races. This is especially true as she rides that cock reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with her jerking this guy off all over her tits.

We next come across Meriesa who is already knee deep into a blowjob. Like Taylor, Meriesa's still is wet, slobbery and loud. And now you can see the benefit of there being no sound throughout the whole scene, as you get to hear every little pop and suck that goes on. It is absolutely fantastic. As she bends over the tub in the bathroom, our boy just slides it in her and starts pounding away. Thus far however we really haven't heard a peep from Meriesa. This changes as soon as our boy cranks up the speed. One thing that is worth mentioning is that Meriesa is a hot brunette with a great figure, although it is hard to tell given all the funky positions this scene is shot from. In one of the shots of our mystery man not only do we see that he finally has wood (boy this guy is hard to please) but that he is also jacking off. While Meriesa is quiet for the first half of the scene, that all changes once she gets cocked up the ass. And she gets rocked right up the ass, but unfortunately it doesn't last very long. Our boy shoots his load into her mouth in little under a minute of taking her up the ass.

In the last scene we are back with Robbie D., who is this time getting his rocks sucked by Mia Starr. Mia is also a bleach blonde, and while not as hot as Zana or Dasha, is certainly nothing to scoff at. I have to say though that she sure sucks a mean cock, in that her blow job. When we get down to fucking Mia takes his cock from behind, revealing a glistening pussy with a perfectly shaved beaver. Robby then takes her on her back, but the shot seems step up more to demonstrate his prowess than to make for a good porn scene. I am sorry but watching Robby D.'s butt move up and down in the air is not my idea of a turn on. The action doesn't last long however as Robby soon shoots his load all over her face.

The movie ends with our mysterious man just getting up and walking away. Somehow I think I missed something.

One thing that is cool about Vivid DVDs is that they pack in the extras. There is a ton of extra footage, with scenes, previews, and trailers of other movies loaded into this puppy. The bonus also include some extra footage from the movie.

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