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Title: Killer Pussy #4  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Killer Pussy #4

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- B

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- B+

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- A

A/V Quality- A

Time- 1:46

Company- Digital Sin

Director- Nacho Vidal

Cast- Gabriella, Estelle, Christina, Sharon, Stella, Claudia, Anita, Nacho Vidal, Hacan Serbes, Frank Gun

Review- A friend of mine says that guys with big dicks think they just have to show up. She''s found that a huge member usually equates to low technique, since the guy assumes that a king dong is all he needs to satisfy. Nacho Vidal has an enormous cock. His technique isn''t terrible, but he certainly can''t wait to simply stuff his rod into the women (he is in every scene) and pound away. It''s a bit annoying, but Nacho is like a kid in a candy store. Porn isn''t just a job for him, it''s a lot of fun. That attitude makes him likable, technique or no technique.

Mr. Vidal, after revealing that he''s in Budapest, strips a tawny girl with nice breasts and a fine body. She gets some oral attention from Nacho, who''s very enthusiastic, before attempting to suck his meat. She can''t get much in and they move to a reverse cowgirl. We get a good look at the girl as she takes that big slab into her twat. Nacho lets her ride and it''s a decent show. They do the doggy as well before a raven-haired girl shows up. She''s a bit distracted but tag sucks nicely with the other woman. Another guy shows up and the foursome chain-bangs begin. They shift through a couple of fun combos as they lick and fuck each other before popping off to a chorus of funny groans.

Clad in a sheer teddy and thong, a very pretty girl with black hair poses by a window. She''s got a stunning face and beautiful body, showing off her bald pussy and fat labia. She gives Nacho a delicate hummer, teasing around his shaft with tongue and fingers (an "Assisted Hand Job," as my wife says). He returns the favor with interesting cunnilingus (nice technique) and then enters her with difficulty. The pumping begins and Nacho gets rough, in a good way. He flips her around, grabs her and manhandles her throughout the fucking. There''s a weird part where he repeats "I can kill you?" as a question over and over. It''s probably not meant literally. The reverse cowgirl and spoon positions are fast and furious. The action is all right, but it''s obvious that the girl is putting on a brave face, having been fucked out somewhere in the middle. Another guy shows up to admire the girl and Nacho slides off to the next room where he finds...

Another woman, with nice legs, slicked back blonde hair and a hideous chop job on her tits, nasty scars run the length of her breasts. The other guy and girl from the last scene walk in and a group grope gets under way. Nacho holds the first girl''s head in the blonde''s crotch, instructing her on how to eat pussy. This is pretty hot and the two boys end up getting tag sucked by the blonde. The pairs fuck for a bit before Nacho clamps his hand on the blonde''s mouth, forcing her to "shut up, no sound." The domination act is still good and he has her suck him silently then rim the other guy as he pounds into the black haired beauty. After more action the blonde gets reverse cowgirl anal which leads to a D.P. and then goes cowgirl on Nacho and another D.P. follows. In exchange, the other girl gets the facials and the scene ends.

Nacho finds the next girl at the bottom of a stairway. She''s in pigtails and has a fine ass and large breasts. She''s also got the giggles. Mr. Vidal doesn''t let that stop him, sliding into her as they stand face to face and she sucks her thumb. She gives a bad blow-job before they get into a standing doggy, then a second gal shows up for fun. Nacho flips over to her, another tan and tawny lady with small breasts and a good set of legs. In no time they''re fucking on the stairs as the first girl watches. The tan woman does a better suck job and eventually ends up getting slammed standing up as the pigtail woman laps her clit. The three of them don''t click, which hurts the heat.

A long and too-skinny blonde grabs a jar of pickles and you can guess what conversation starts up. Nacho goes down on her for a longer time than the others (must be in her contract), before plugging her bush with his meat. She''s not very comfortable but he gets to the pounding and there''s no stopping him. She gives a few token licks to his cock tip before he just goes and fucks her mouth. There''s some short and fast standing doggy style before a reverse cowgirl. The scene ends and takes the disc with it.

OVERALL: Killer Pussy #4 is not a triumph. It''s got great looking actors, a dick like a salami, and some cool manly-man domination. However, the women can''t match Nacho''s enthusiasm or take too much of his cock. He needs to find size-queens instead of these petite women he favors. Despite that glaring flaw, the shots are all right, the images are clear, and Nacho really is into it. His boyish glee is infectious even if it means he rushes.

EXTRAS: Side A has a chapter search and company info to make it look like there''s more than just the photo gallery on it. Side B, however, has Digital Sin''s standard 30 trailers and 10 interviews with starlets. It''s the same stuff you''ll find on almost all of their discs, but it makes for a nice package of extras.





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