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Title: Euro Angels Hardball #4  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


EuroAngels Hardball 4

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Evil Empire

Overall Rating: C

Female Looks: A

Male Looks: C

Audio/Video Quality: C

Extras Rating: C

Sex Rating: B

Plot/Acting: C


Cast: Nikki Anderson, Cassandra Wild, Sasha Daniella, Eva Rush, and Ivana

Director: Christoph Clark

In my opinion fetish movies are the hardest to produce simply because they walk an extremely fine line between sexy, ridiculous and disgusting—and triangulating between those poles is rarely if ever done successfully.

The movie starts with Cassandra Wilde (the European Goddess who is obviously on loan from Private) riding in a car with a friend from the airport to see some of the sights in an undisclosed European city. The two happen to cross paths with Christoph Clark on the street and the three of them head off to have some lunch and discuss starting a porn business between America and Europe. Soon however the action moves to Christoph's private sex freak show where Clark takes a blonde (who is blind folded) and plays with her pussy. In the corner is this brunette with huge tits and a rubber flog, smacking it into her hands waiting for someone to step out of line. Clark hands the blonde a dildo and she goes off on her ass with it. Clark however likes to direct the action from behind the camera, and tells her to push it harder and harder up her ass. Not satisfied with her performance, he heads over to do it himself. After this, we are given various shots of her riding up and down on a dildo, inter-spliced with shots of the big beastly brunette. I have to say that all this is really kind of boring. The thing about blindfolds is that they cover up the women's face, and she is probably the best looking women in the room. Clark then puts on a latex glove and finger fucks her ass, spreading it open for the camera. It isn't until 20 minutes into the film that we finally get down to some real sex, as the blonde starts sucking on Clarke's cock, while the brunette sits in the chair and masturbates. After his flaccid cock is brought up to speed he immediately moves toward fucking the blonde up the ass. Clark moves back and forth between ass fucking the blonde in various positions and playing with the brunettes tits. Then scene ends with some hard fucking, and the whole spread her gaping asshole for the camera routine. Again I know it is a fetish film but I have to say that there is nothing appealing about seeing the inside of a girls asshole. In the end he spirts his load all over her feet and then directs her to suck the remaining parts out. We then see him go over to the brunette who we find out is his dominatrix.

We then return to the lunch with Wilde and her boyfriend, in which Clarke is trying to get Wilde to do nasty things to him. They part and the couple heads off to finish their sight seeing.

Later that day, back at the hotel, we get some nice shots of Cassandra going to the bathroom, and rubbing herself clean, while Clark and her boyfriend watch through a double mirror. Wilde is fucking incredible, and is ever inch a goddess. With strawberry blonde hair, a tan body and legs that seem to never end, Wilde is the prototypical porn poster girl. Once her boyfriend walks in, she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. She is a woman of few words, but a great mouth. The blow job is shot with some great first person shots, and editing that keeps the action going. When we get down to fucking our boy lays her back on a table and slams his cock straight into her. The action doesn't last long though as our man cums inside her and then immediately falls asleep.

We then cut to a women who is dressed up all in leather including a leather head dress that prevents us from telling who she is. She starts off by teasing us with a dildo, but then a man comes to help her out. He shoves the dildo up her ass and fucks the shit out of her with it in just about every conceivable position. After her asshole is nice and prepped he replaces it with his cock. He places her face down on the floor and props her ass into the air plunging his cock deep inside her. We then cut to her jerking him off, and then getting face fucked. When she takes the mask off we find out that this nasty bitch is in fact Wilde, who needs to get a good fuck. Well I have to tell you that is exactly what she doesn't get, for as soon as we find out who it is he cums all over her face. Damn I have to say that Wilde is some hot shit.

From here the couple has dinner with Clark, who is trying to talk them into doing some kinky shit on the side. After a little discussion we then cut to Clark getting it on with a very hot brunette. This girl has a hot nightie on with thigh high black stockings. She has a great body with beautiful hair and great tits. Clark forces her to call her boyfriend and tell him that she will be late, and as soon as the phone is set down Clark starts in on he fucking her in the ass with a giant dildo. He then throws on the glove and fingers her ass, but for some reason she gets up and leaves the room.

In the next scene we have several guys surrounding the very hot Sasha. Sasha takes a turn sucking each of the 3 guy' cocks one by one. But just as things get started, in walks Wilde and her boyfriend. This however doesn't stop Sasha as she keeps going without missing a beat. We can see as the scene progress that Wilde is getting more and more hot. While Sasha is riding up and down on top of a dildo, Sasha is getting it on with her boyfriend. But after a little while Wilde moves to join the action that is happening with Sasha. After getting fingered by Wilde, Sasha then takes it up the ass from most of the guys in the room. While this happens Wilde sits next her and fingers her own asshole. Not bad. Not bad at all. Then Wilde shoves a gynecological device up her ass so that everyone can see inside her rectum. This I can pass on. The crème de la crème is seeing both girls get DPed in all of this. Again while Sasha is cute and pleasing to the eye, you won't want to miss a second of Wilde in any of this. In the end Wilde gets her ass and pussy drenched in cum, while Sasha sucks off the remaining two guys.

Next we find two brunettes, one of whom is in stirrups, going at it with one another. Of course Clark is not far away, and soon moves from behind the camera to direct the action personally. The one who is not restrained then proceeds to finger her asshole without gloves on. After a while the fingering comes very close to fisting as she gets all 4 of fingers up inside her asshole. From here they head over and start to suck off Clark. But soon Clark takes the girl with the blind fold over the table and proceeds to fuck her in the ass. At the very end her blind fold is removed just in time for Clark to drop a load right into her face.

As a more formal comment, this disc looks grainy, and is probably the result of a really poor video transfer. The sound however is quite good. Also the special features could have had a little more to it.

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