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Title: Fame is a Whore on Butt Row  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: D-
Female looks: B
Male looks: C-
Sex: D-
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Fame is a Whore on Butt Row

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Evil Empire

Overall Rating: F

Female Looks: B

Male Looks: D

Audio/Video Quality: C

Extras Rating: C

Sex Rating: F

Plot/Acting: D


Cast: Amber, Traci, Chandler, Tori, Bridgette, Peyton, Darian, Papillon and Tyler

Director: Joey Silvera

This movie dates back to around 1996, and I have to say that it was probably shot on video. In all the transfer doesn't seem that bad, although it looks pretty washed out in places. The audio quality is fine. Too bad the movie isn'tóit has to be one of the worst films I have ever seen.

The first scene is with Papillon (which if she is after the movie title for a name it is actually Papillion, but whose counting) Amber Woods, Peter North, Rick Masters, and John Smith. It is Papillon's birthday, and John Smith (probably some old fuck that bank rolled the film) pulls up in a Rolls Royce as a gift. While she receives her gift, and in return lets to old geezer feel her up, Amber Woods is over in the corner getting down to business by sucking North's and Master's cock. Papillon is annoying and acts like a 15 year old throughout the scene, giggling and squealing. I am sorry but the bubbly shit is for the birds, and after a while just gets plain fucking annoying. While Amber is hard at work on Peter North's cock, Papillon joins the action on Masters. North was one of the true studs from 80s porn that was actually able to carry his career into the mid-90s. With a massive cock at the end of his body, Woods is hard pressed to go all the way down on him. Come to think of it Amber looks a little bit like Tonya Harding (Olympic Ice-Skating Thug), I don't know maybe that will turn some of you on out there. Soon the two couples head out to the pool in the back yard, for a little indiscrete fucking. When Woods gets undressed we see that she has two eyes tattooed on her lower back. As if that isn't bad enough, she really doesn't have that attractive of a bodyówell at least she could have stood a little jogging in the morning. Papillon on the other hand has a nice body, and once she has a cock up inside her she shuts the fuck upówe is truly a bonus. This changes however, when Master's goes Balls Deep up her ass, when Papillon finally starts to get into the action. From here the couples switch up and Masters goes anal on Woods, which just about drives her crazy. In the end, both girls get their cookies, right in the face. And I have to say that I forgot the monster loads that North can deliver. Needless to say, Papillon is drenched.

Next we have Bridgette Belle with Sean Rider and Ray Swazy. Belle is a hot Hispanic with auburn dyed red head and she in a blue bikini using a hose to wash off the pool. It doesn't make sense to me either but she sure looks nice in that bikini. Of course there is the obligatory pose to stroke the hose and pay with herself, but soon the action heads inside where she masturbates with some guy until she cums for the camera. From here our boy is on his knees begging for any piece of action he can get. She of course denies him, and so he cums on her leg. Sounds weird, yeah it does to me too. We then watch as he later heads upstairs and she sucks on his cock in the bathroom, and after he is sufficiently hard they move the action into the bedroom, where he spreads her legs and jams his cock right into her. Enter dick two. Up until this point Belle has pretty much been a fish. Hopefully having a second cock in her will help to turn things around. But before things can even get started the first guy pulls out of her and shoots a load across her back. She is un-thrilled by the experience, and thus moves to fuck herself silly with a dildo and a pocket rocket. Then the two guys enter back into the room and immediately jerk off on her face. It makes you wonder what the fuck they were doing in the other room.

Chandler and Christian Steele. No I don't know if they are married, but if that is the case I have to say that Chandler is one lucky fucker. Chandler finds a map to where Christian is located, who is a magic fairy or some shit living in a trailer park. The acting here is so bad that it makes you think you are watching a couples really bad home movie. Christian herself though is hot, with long auburn hair and a great figure, she is also the first one in the movie to at least dress the part, with stockings, a garter and a leather corset. Chandler gets a little blowjob, and then returns the favor by licking her asshole. When we get down to fucking the action has moved into a bedroom, and I swear you can hear a vacuum cleaner in the background for part of it. Christian resumes her position in sucking Chandler's cock, and even throws a tongue up his asshole for good measure. Once she finally gets a cock inside her, she goes fucking nuts, which is a great thing. Unfortunately, the choice of shots here (with a shot of her getting it from behind) is subpar. And to top things off the fucking phone rings. In all Christian is hot and gets the shit fucked out of her and she appears to be having a good time. The crappy thing is that when we go to an anal scene she gets the shit ripped out of her and visibly looks and sounds like she is pain. I hate that, and anyone out there who reads this and thinks that this is a turn on so save their money for therapy. There is nothing less sexy than causing a women pain, even if she doesn't say no to you when you are doing. I mean it this shit is awful, and unfortunately it makes me think that Silvera is a sick fuck for wanting to shoot it, as well as the cum shot that she definitely doesn't want to take.

From there, we have Tyler, Darian LaQuoix, Tom Byron and Sean Michaels. Tyler takes some anal beads up the ass for Sean, and then strips out of her catholic school girl uniform to reveal a milky white body. Inside we have Darian (who is an incredibly hot woman) playing with Tom Byron, and is sucking his cock on the couch, while Sean and Tyler walk in. Darian has a hot little body with reddish hair half way down her back. Sean is the first to start fucking, but is soon followed by Tom. Both girls take it from behind while being bent over the couch. It isn't long before the scene goes anal, as Tom plunges into Darian's ass and thoroughly gets throttled. I have to say that this scene showed a little imagination, in that while we are watching Tom fuck Darian in the ass on the main screen a little picture in picture comes up so that Tom can give us a blow by blow. At least the participants here seem to be having a good time, even through a DP scene. In the end both girls get a shot to the face.

In the next scene, we have Tori D. with Sean, Christian Steele, and Joey Silvera. Ok look maybe the other scene was really confused or whatever, but Christian is back for more with Tori in this scene as both of them are behind a steel works making out. Tori is a petite blonde with small tits and a nice figure. The two girls head inside and go at it for a while fucking each other on a lawn chair. They pull out all the stops fucking each other with vibrators and getting each other off with a little pocket rocket. Soon however they are joined by two guys, who waste no time in getting the girls down on their cocks. When we get down to fucking again it seems that Joey Silvera can't take it any more and has to get into the action himself. He moves straight in for Tori eating her little pussy out. From here she moves right to sitting on his cock, and the two go at it with Tori riding on top of him. In the end she takes a shot to the face from Joey, whose performance wasn't all that. We then return to Tori getting it up the ass from one of the guys, and again she seems to really be in pain, fortunately it doesn't last for long as all the guys jerk off over her.

Lastly, we have Traci Light with Peyton Alexander and Jake Steed, and the action starts off straight away with Steed taking one of the ladies from behind while the other one makes out with her. Steed soon takes both of the women inside and gets them on their knees, moving back and forth between the pussies. While both girls are attractive blondes, the action in this scene really isn't that great. The best shot is of one girl riding reverse cowgirl on top of Steed's cock. While the action never goes anal, the cum shot in the end on both the girls is really the best part of the whole movie. Both girls are climbing over each other to get a taste. Now that I like.

The only thing that I have to say as a formal criticism is that in order for a disc to get more than a C in my book, it has to include extra footage or something on top of trailers and photos. So if you are ever wondering why I give some disc's As for everything and then nail them on the Extra Features, well now you know.

Comments, thoughts: email me at luv_spyke@hotmail.com



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