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Title: Cream of the Crop  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Cream of the Crop

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Diabolic

Overall Rating: A

Female Looks: A

Male Looks: A-

Audio/Video Quality: A

Extras Rating: C

Sex Rating: A-

Plot/Acting: B


Cast: Angel, Sophie Evans, Julia, Rita, Kimberly, and Adriana Sage.

Director: Mike John

Given the title of this film, I have to say my expectations from the outset are pretty high. Diabolic and Anabolic consistently deliver hot chicks in their films, and so any film from them that attempts to deliver even hotter chicks has a high hurdle to get over. I mean, you know, if they always have hot girls on their discs then wouldn't it be fair to say that when they say that they have the Cream of the Crop, they had better fucking deliver some fine ass shit. Well they do and then some.

We start off with a bang. Julia is a fine looking red head, with one of the frosted blonde streaks running down the middle of her bangs. She is too cute, she has beautiful hazel eyes, a tan and toned body, and beautiful breasts. She enters the room in a silver dress, and underneath it a par of almost shear white panties. After getting herself warmed up by rubbing her nipples and bending over to rub her ass for the camera, Julia slips out of her dress and into something more comfortable, namely nothing. After this little tease, we cut to her chomping down on two cocks. I have to say that it really seems that Julia loves cock, which is apparent by the blowjobs she delivers to the two lucky studs in this scene. Diabolic, not being a company to waste time, always moves quickly into the ass pounding action. Here, Julia is laid on her back and a cock is shoved into her, while she continues trying to suck down the other cock. This proves to be fairly difficult as she gets caught up in the fact that she is having the fuck of her life here. She is barely able to even keep her hands on the cock she is supposed to be sucking. From here we move to a great reverse cowgirl shot, where we get some great shots of her perfectly sized tits bouncing up and down with each thrust of the cock up inside her. The fucking is intense here. Not caring to wait for the scene to heat up naturally, our boys start off with a bang, fuck the shit out of her from the get go. And after a nice session of Julia cuming for the camera, we dive straight into the anal action, which Julia takes like a true professional. The action finishes off with Vince Voyuer corn-holing her until she can't take anymore, at which point, they of course give her more. The DP has Vince on top pounding away at Julia's pussy, and all she can really do is just spread her legs and take it. Of course in the end she also takes it right in the mouth by both our fine young studs. Ok I have to say this disc is off to a nice start.

Next we have Kimberly, who we catch walking up the stairs in all her glory. Kimberly is drop down, kill your wife gorgeous. With an ass that won't quit, a tan that never seems to end, and legs that stretch to heaven, Kimberly is definitely a crème of the crop. She has a hot face as well, extremely cute with long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. And you want to know the best part—this chick loves everything about sex. When asked if she would tongue Jon Dough's ass, she didn't even think twice before diving down. After the little cock sucking session, Jon moves straight to the fucking, like I said they don't waste time. And from the start Kimberly literally explodes. At first she rides Jon's cock on top, but soon Jon takes her back on the couch and nails her missionary style. The action is fast and furious here, as Jon fucks the shit out of her all the way down. Damn I have to say Kimberly is hot, and has an incredible body. Throughout the entire scene, including the anal, there isn't even a hint that she is having anything less than the time of her life. This is especially the case during certain parts where it seems like she is on autopilot. In the end she pulls the cock out of her ass and sucks out ever last bit of cum that Jon can muster. Ok so they are 2 and 0. Both chicks thus far are to die for.

Our next girl is Rita. Rita has long brown hair that reaches down to almost her ass, which she puts up into a bun as she climbs into the toilet. She has a fantastic body—not too voluptuous not too petite. She also has an incredible face. The only blemish to this beauty are the two distinct moles on her breasts, one is almost under her arm pit and the other is in on the top of her tit. I know I am being trivial but this is a review and I have to be critical of something don't I? Rita starts out in the bath tub giving herself a little rub down, but soon we are watching her undress for Lex and Mr. Marcus. I guess this girl likes her coffee black. We aren't even 15 seconds into the scene, before Marcus has his cock up inside her, while she sucks down Lex's cock. And this chick takes it as if she were having a cup of tea, I mean not even a peep comes out of her in all of this. It isn't until Marcus starts to fuck her doggystyle that we get a rise out of Rita, but when we do I am not so sure it's a good think. Rita looks like she is in pain at first, but this changes when the scene switches for her to ride Marcus' cock reverse-cowgirl. Here she is all smiles and can't get enough. Trust me the pussy is so hot here that Lex cums before he should, and gets a little pissed about it. But you know what, we understand. I think most of us wouldn't last 30 seconds with Rita. After this we move to her taking it anally, which she seems to handle with greater ease than she did the vaginal sex. After thoroughly giving her ass a cock cleaning, both Lex and Marcus bust loads all over her face. Not bad, not bad at all.

Our next girl is Angel, who is a bodacious babe with a bikini tan. The thing that I love about tan women is that you can see the little hairs on their ass. I am sure that is more than you cared to hear, but what they hey. Angel shaves her pussy for us in the shower, which I don't typically find all that appealing but I am sure that there are some people out there where this will do the trick. Angel has a hot figure and shoulder length brown hair. She is not the best looking girl on the disk, but she is hot nonetheless. The thing about Angel is that she looks younger than the other girls, maybe she has less makeup on, I don't know, but when I see her I think straight out of high school. She is handed over to Erik Everhard, who immediately sticks his face between her legs and up into her pussy. I can say this though she doesn't suck cock like a high school girl, rather she seems to be a professional when it comes to the whole tongue and cheek thing. When we get down to fucking, Angel loves the cock shot she is given and quickly gets into the action. Erik however isn't one to wait around and quickly begins to throttle her form behind. Angel is bounced through a bevy of positions, ending with her taking it up the ass while laying on her side. While she seems a little uncomfortable at first with the anal, she quickly loosens up and gets herself off. In the end, she takes a shot to the face like all the other. But after the cum shot Erik sticks it back into her to fuck the shit out of her ending in a second cum shot. Ok that was hot. Consider it 4-0.

Adriana Sage is our next girl, with brown eyes, a tan slender body and black hair. Wearing a top and skirt with no underwear, the opening shots of the scene are simply of her dancing for the camera giving us a great peek at her pussy and tits. The lighting in the background illuminates the shadow of the ceiling fan against the wall, and for some strange reason it makes me think of the film as being shot in some seedy place like Morocco. Now I know goddamn well that the scene wasn't shot in Morocco, at best it was probably shot in the Valley somewhere, but I can't help but to call them like I see them. When we get down to the action, Sage is given two boys to play with, Mark Davis sucks her pussy down, while Sage sucks on an as yet undisclosed flaccid cock. Soon though she has this limp dick up to speed and then proceeds to move back and forth between the two dicks, sucking each of them in turn. When we get down to fucking she sits atop one cock reverse cowgirl while continuing to suck the other one down. Boy guys work her over not wasting time in getting her on her knees and fucking her in the ass. Both guys take their turn fucking her in the ass, building to the crescendo DP shot. In the end, and after a thorough pummeling, both guys fuck her throat and then jerk themselves a load right on her face. I have to say though, with the amount of struggle it took Davis to get his load out I think it is time for him to find a new line of work.

Our film ends with Sophie Evans, a hot blonde who has made several previous appearances for Anabolic and Diabolic. Personally I don't think she is all that attractive, at least when in comparison with some of the other girls on this disk. Sophie is a tan blonde with shoulder length blonde hair, big tits, and penchant for sucking cock. Here though Sophie is going to be put to the test, as she is given not two but three cocks to play with. Because I can't see any of their faces, the only one that I can recognize (because it is about the size of a steel girder) is Lex's. As she rides one cock after the other, she is sure to always have one in mouth. Consider this a mini-gang bang, as all three have their way with her body. The scene ends with a quite painful looking DP. You know I have to tell you, I can't see how women are able to fuck Lex and still have regular bowl movements. I guess it is a testament to the endurance of the human body. In the end, she takes it in the face from all three, and looks as if three just isn't enough. Ok, so while she isn't the hottest girl on the disc, she is probably the hungriest.

One thing that would have truly made this DVD exceptional would have been if they had boosted their extra features section. Hey Diabolic, check out a private DVD to see what I mean! You know while we are on the subject, the other thing that I think bums me out is that I doubt any of these girls are from the states. I would bet that they are all Eastern European. This I have to say is a little depressing, as it make me think that there are no fine chicks that like to fuck in the US. Prove me wrong guys.

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