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Title: Rocco Ravishes Prague #4  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Rocco Ravishes Prague 4

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Evil Empire

Overall Rating: A-

Female Looks: A+

Male Looks: B

Audio/Video Quality: A

Extras Rating: B

Sex Rating: A

Plot/Acting: C


Cast: Monica Sweetheart, Hellena, Nicole, Aneta, Lora, Jessica Twain, Zara Donau and Kelly.

Director: Rocco Siffredi

To be honest it is really hit or miss with Rocco's work, and from what I can tell he is either dead on balls got it or he doesn't. There simply is no in between. But one thing that I can say is a sure thing for Rocco is the fact that he typically scores with the Eastern European Women. And this movie is no exception to that, as it seems that just about every girl in this movie looks like they walked right off the pages of vogue.

The movie opens with Rocco and friends hitting on Nicole and Hellena. Nicole is a hot blonde, with almost white hair, but Hellena is the true winner. Hellena looks like a young Cindy Crawford—and all the guys hover around her to tell her that. Both girls are dressed to the nines in a black skirt (Nicole) and black butthugger shorts (Hellena). But that is nothing compared to what these girls look like naked. Hellena has incredible tits, and they look to be all natural. Nicole is a little more bashful and it takes a while for us to see her naked. Both girls have incredible figures, but in a voluptuous sort of way. It is not that these girls are totally petite but rather have enough meat on their bones to give them hips and a butt, which is truly a plus. Rocco heads in himself with the camera to inspect the girls up close and after his stamp of approval the group heads inside for some real action. After enough photos have been taken, one of the guys lays back on the couch and both girls quickly move to undo his pants and whip out his cock. The great thing about both girls is that their tits really seem to be all natural, either that or it is the best boob job I have ever seen (yes even better that Britney Spears). While Nicole chomps down on his cock, Hellena just sits back and looks beautiful, which for her is not a hard thing to do. When it is Hellena's turn to suck cock, she teases the dick with a few licks before applying an air tight seal around it with her mouth. Hellena also gives him a little treat in tittie fucking this guy, but unfortunately it is soft lived. When we get down to fucking it is Nicole who rides the sausage pony first, sitting reverse cowgirl on this guys cock, while Hellena sits atop his face. This is all well and good, but the real action is when Hellena and her wonderfully natural and huge tits lands atop this cock. Hellena loves to fuck and squirts out cum all over his dick. Yeah I would have to say that Hellena is definitely the nasty fuck of the day. While Hellena gets fucked from behind, Nicole bends over and lubes up her fingers so that she can stick them in her ass (I bet you can see what's coming). Soon enough Nicole has replaced her fingers with a big fat cock, but again it is Hellena who steals the show here by playing with Nicole's pussy while taunting the camera. From here it is Hellena's turn to ride the cock rocket up her ass, and I have to say she does it marvelously (I guess you can tell I think Hellena is the bomb). In the end our man shots his white hot love juice over both of the girls faces after getting a hand job from Hellena. It was a great ending to a great scene.

Next we have Monica, who walks down the stairs of Rocco's apartment in a pink nightie only to discover Rocco working out. Rocco is punching a punching bag, apparently working out the sexual frustrations he has given that he hasn't been laid in oh say 20 minutes. And trust me that means Rocco is pretty fucking frustrated. At the sight of her, Rocco leaps up and starts to ravage her, first by almost swallowing her face, then by burying his face in her ass. Monica is hottie, with shoulder length black hair, a great figure and all natural tits. She starts out by sucking down Rocco, but this doesn't last long and Rocco soon flips her around to fuck her form behind. After loosening up her pussy, Rocco throws her over a workout bench and spread her ass cheeks apart. And then while he jerks himself off, he fingers his asshole. But Rocco of course isn't going to be satisfied with fingering her ass, and soon he plunges his cock deep inside her. And trust me once inside her, Rocco goes mining. This guy should really be apart of Anabolic's Balls Deep series. Rocco gets rough with her, by pulling her hair and shoving his fingers in her mouth, all while fucking her up the ass doggy style. But before Rocco can cum inside her, in walks his boyfriend who (rather than beat the shit out of Rocco) takes Monica up stairs to his bedroom to continue the anal ravaging. Outside the bedroom however we have a very hot blonde (Anita), in a black minidress. Of course she isn't in it for long (this is a porno man—what are you thinking), and after she slips out of it and into a nice skin tight pair of black bras and panties we watch her and her boyfriend get it on. This chick is hot, with an incredibly tan and toned body along with beautiful eyes. Every once and a while you come across a girl who looks like she belongs on a runway, and in this case you have both Hellena and Anita in the same movie. It's a little overwhelming.

Meanwhile back downstairs, another of Rocco's friends brings over another girl (Kelly), but the introduction is quick. From here Rocco runs into what looks to be the cleaning girl (Lora), who is rummaging through all of Rocco's dildos and sex toys. After a nice shot of Lora's ass, we cut back to Monica and Anita who are both taking care of their men on the second story hallway. Monica is busy sucking down her man's cock, while Anita is getting face fucked. Although the blowjobs are nice, it isn't long before someone gets cocked—and it just so happens to be Monica. Man I have to say this chick gets around. And of course, given what he saw Rocco do to her, he isn't going to bother sticking his cock anywhere but up her ass. Monica thus gets the shit fucked out of her. From here Monica moves over to help Anita out with her blowjob, and both girls trade the cock back and forth. While the blowjobs are nice I have to tell you that I am really waiting to see Anita get fucked, and so all of this is really mindless filler for me. Soon though Anita is bent over the stairway as her man is fucking her from behind. Both girls are extremely hot in this scene, and get fucked hard and then some. The best shot in this scene is watching Anita take it reverse cowgirl, in which we get to watch her beautiful body spread eagle.

From here we cut back to Rocco who is having his way with Lora, and now has her on the bed and is eating her out. Rocco decides to put some of his toys to good use, by getting her on her knees and fucking her from behind with a latex dildo. And of course such a scene would not be complete without the use of a butt plug. From here Lora, strokes and sucks on Rocco's cock, getting him rock hard. But before the action continues too far, we cut back to Kelly, the very attractive dirty-blonde, who is getting undressed for Rocco's friend. She takes off her shirt and then walks into the room where Rocco and Lora are. Of course Kelly loves to shove butt plugs up girls asses and that is exactly what she does to Lora. Rocco then busts out with a vibrator and shoves it up Kelly's pussy. Kelly is a hot little bitch and Rocco can't resist her fine ass—and so of coarse he sticks his cock inside her for a little bit, and then pulls it out so that she can suck him down. But again before the action gets too intense we cut back to Monica and Anita who are still getting the shit fucked out of them upstairs. After this brief little shot of the two of them getting fucked, we turn to both girls getting a facial from one's guys massive cock. And then again we bounce back to Rocco and his two girls. I have to say that the pacing here in the editing is done really well, and while there is a break up in the action it is met with an equally interesting scene in its place. Rocco spends a good deal of time getting teased by Kelly, who refuses to suck his dick, and so Rocco turns back to Lora and starts in on fucking her in the ass. But before things get too crazy, both Kelly and Lora are replaced with Monica and Anita, who come into the bedroom to finish Rocco off. Rocco face fucks Anita (I mean literally), and then has her ride his cock reverse cowgirl while Monica sits on his face. In the end both girls get an anal romp that they will never forget, that ends with Rocco shooting a load over their faces.

In the last scene we have two guys kicking back on the coach watching television and wanting to get laid, when in walks Jessica and Zara to take care of their needs. Both girls show off their awesomely petite figures as one guy by a piano starts to eat out Jessica. As this is going on Zara simply looks on and plays with her tits. Soon both girls are being bent over and eaten out, and then all hell breaks loose as they are thrown over the piano and get their brains fucked out. I have to say that both girls are really hot Jessica has a kind of auburn hair and Zara has shoulder length black hair. Both girls get it up the ass in more ways than one. In the end both girls take a nice load to the face. I have to say this was a crazy scene, great ending o a great flick.

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