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Title: Private- Sex Shoot  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Sex Shot: Black Label

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Private

Overall Rating: A-

Female Looks: A

Male Looks: B

Audio/Video Quality: A

Extras Rating: A

Sex Rating: B

Plot/Acting: B


Cast: Cassandra Wilde, Laura Angel, Katja Love, Nicole Thompson, Suzy Q, and Stephany

Director: Antonio Adamo

Private is known the world over for being the premiere adult movie company. With rare exception I think the only fair comparison might be found in maybe Andrew Blake. Private brings hot girls and hot sex to the table in each of its movies, and this one is no exception. We open with Cassandra Wilde slowly putting makeup on as she readies for her hot date. We then cut to her falling back onto a bed as she is ravaged by some guy. Wilde is incredible with long blonde hair, a beautifully tanned body, and long slender legs. Our man wastes no time in heading south on her, pausing briefly only to spend a little time sucking on her nipples. Wilde has a way of capturing the camera in her scenes and her presence burns right through it. After a little foreplay we find that her man is a photographer as he pauses in sucking her down to snap a few stills. From here she returns the oral favor but only briefly as they soon get down to fucking each other's brains out. Wilde takes it from behind until she can't take any more, and out boy busts a nut right onto her tongue.

From here we return to Wilde putting makeup on, and we realize that these are flashbacks to previous lovers and encounters. From here we snap to a shot of Laura Angel drinking and cavorting in the street with some man. Angel is an incredible brunette with sultry eyes, long black hair and even longer legs. She is wearing a one piece dress that barely reaches halfway down her ass. As the two of them are making out in the street it begins to rain, but this does not stop them from going down and dirty. Angel drops to her knees, pulls out his cock and starts sucking him down right there in the street. And I have to tell you that you will not find a more beautiful specimen of the female anatomy than Laura Angel. This is obvious from every moment she is on screen. After getting our man thoroughly hard, he takes her from behind in the pouring rain. Pounding her down in slow motion, this scene turns out to be steamy but not over the top, and thus it is perfect for couples who don't wish to be overtaken by hard than hell sex shots. The action gets even better as we watch her take this guy reverse cowgirl, with a great shot of her tits as they bounce up and down. From here it is all anal baby as our boy lets loose on her, and truly pushes her over the top. Unable to take any more, our boy shoots his load all over her face. I have to say this cum shot seems like it is never going to end, and from the looks of Angel I don't think she wants it to. And with a few words they part ways.

The next scene is with Katja Love, who Angel comes across as she walks into what looks to be an S and M bar. Angel sits down on the couch and is soon joined by a man from the bar. The two of them sit there (actually he watches her) and watch the show that Katja is going to put on. Katja is an odd one, she has a great body but it is topped off with a bald head. Soon Angel starts rubbing on this guy's thigh, which of course gets a rise out of him. Soon he is rock hard, and Angel starts to stroke his cock. All the while Katja is up on stage dancing with two guys, sucking and stroking on their cocks. You know i is a real shame that she doesn't have longer hair as Katja really has a cute face. While Katja is stroking off her two men, Angel is sucking down hers. From here things get a little dirty, as Katja takes one man from behind while continuing to suck down the other. After a while she moves to sit on one of these cocks while stroking off the otheróand here we find that Katja also has a hot body and an incredible pair of tits. While Katja is getting fucked, Angel continues to suck down her man. This does not change even though Katja takes it up the ass and then DP. It makes you think about whether Angel's new man is ever going to get a chance at bat. The DP scene here is pretty intense, as we get a shot of the inexplicable look on Katja's face in that she really doesn't know what to say or moan. In the end, Angel takes a load to the face, and Katja takes two. I have to say that if Private knew what was smart they would grow some hair on that woman. After the blowjob our boy is courteous enough to buy the lady a drink. Fortunately for him he doesn't have to pay for her to get drunk in order to fuck her.

From here we find out that the guy fucking Angel was Wilde's boyfriend, as he returns home from the bar to her wanting to fuck the sit out of him. In a funny shot, he is trying to get dressed while she is trying to undress him. Manówith a girl like that at home why would you ever want to leave, but hey I guess when you can have two girls like that what is the point in staying. SO he leaves to have dinner with Angel, but after he leaves Wilde finds a matchbox with a message from Angel, and gets suspicious. While at dinner the voracious Angel picks up on one of the waitresses (Susy Q) and takes her over to their table for a wild ride. As Angel eats Susy out, our boy kiss her next. But of course this is all foreplay for the real action that happens, when Suzy gets on her back so that she can get fucked while eating Angels' pussy. Susy is a hot brunette with a killer body and a penchant for sticking her fingers up her ass. Through all of this she gets fucked hard on her side, from behind and missionary. After a while though it is Angel's turn to get fucked again, as she takes it up the ass while lying on her side. I have to say that this boy is one lucky fucker. The best shot is watching him fuck Susy up the ass reverse cowgirl, while Susy is making out with Angel. That is what porn is all about. For all of Susy's hard work though it is Angel who gets the love juice surprise right in her mouth. Angel is a good sport though and spits some into Susy's mouth for good measure.

Back with Cassandra, we are now at a dinner party, where Cassandra and her boyfriend are flanked by Angel and some date. Cassandra know that there is something going on, in how the two of them exchange glances. Angels throws her for a loop though in getting up and moving over to caress Wilde's shoulders. From here the two of them have at it, sucking on any part of the other person they can get a hold of. They then leave and head for the other room for a little one on one action. This was a ploy though, for as soon as Wilde was wet and ready Angel calls in the men from the other room and then leaves her to deal with the her self. Which of course, she does, fucking and sucking each of them while riding a metal swing suspended from the ceiling. This has to be one of the hottest sex scenes I have seen in a while. Although it is interlaced with the MTVish style editing it is no worse for ware. Wilde gets fucked but good by both men, and you are right along with the action the whole way. There is an incredible shot of her on her back stroking away at one guy's cock while taking the other up her ass, and it is to die for. It gets even better when the action goes DP. There is nothing like seeing a totally hot girl get nailed but two guys in the most disgusting of ways. In the end she takes a nasty facial from both of them.

From here we watch as Wilde recounts a foursome between two guys and Nicole and Stepany. Each girl is incredible in her own right, one blonde with white underwear and the other a brunette with black underwear. As these two get busy with their men, Wilde calls up her boyfriend on the cell phone in order to masturbate while talking to him. And even here it is hard to think of a hotter way to go. Wilde is captivating, and keeps you glued to the set (decide for yourself whether this is a pun). All the while Nicole and Stephany are getting the crapped fucked out of them, in a really hot foursome. The anal shots in this scene are great moving back and forth from one girl to another. The blonde then takes both of them on at once, as the brunette stares on in amazement, but then it is her turn to get it every which way but loose while the blonde stairs on. In the end both girls get their cookies.

We then cut to Angel together with Wilde's boyfriend, as the two of them are messy around and in walks Wilde with a leash, which she promptly places around angel. The action from this point out is unbearable, as Wilde walks Angel around the room in full control of her every move. This time it is Wilde's turn to get Angel hot and leave her at the mercies of two well hung studs. Angel then proceeds to suck and fuck her way out of this sticky situation. She gets throttled up until both guys are DPing the shit out of her. In the end, Angel gladly takes a mouth full of cum from both of them.

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