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Title: Balls Deep  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Balls Deep

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Anabolic

Overall Rating: B+

Female Looks: B+

Male Looks: B+

Audio/Video Quality: A

Extras Rating: C

Sex Rating: B+

Plot/Acting: B+


Cast: Adriana Sage, Mei-Yo, Nikita Denise, Vanessa Blue, Jade Marcela, Mina, Mark Davis, Vince Voyuer, Erik Everhard, Mr. Marcus, Bobby Vitale, and Lexington Steele.

Director: Lexington Steele.

Anabolic has a reputation for delivering the very best in porn. Hot girls, hot guys, big dicks, small pussies, and the hottest sex. Unfortunately, this movie is all that and a bag of chips. It ain't bad, but it ain't great either.

The first of our porn-athletes is Jade Marcela which we are introduced to as she sucks down Vince's and Lex's cock. She bounces back and forth between them with the greatest of ease, until the time comes for someone to stick it in her. That would be Lex. She tries to suck down Vince while taking Lex's cock, but that just proves impossible, so Vince and Lex switch. Jade is a nasty and loud fuck. She is a decent looking Asian-American, with a killer tan body, and perfectly petite tits. Both Vince and Lex take advantage of her tiny body, by putting it through its paces—bending her legs into unthinkable positions. Jade is like a little kid at the Carnival, not wanting to get off the ride until she is totally done. And for her that takes a while. She is a hot fuck, and we catch this with a spectacular shot of her riding cock reverse cowgirl. This truly is balls deep. The action here is not only hard and fast, but the talent actually looks like they are having a good time. Both guys have their turn at her asshole, and from there they actually go DP on her, which just about rips her apart (trust me you can hear it in her voice). After one tiring fuckfest, Jade gets two shots of the good stuff right to the face.

In the next scene we have Mina, yet another hottie from Eastern Europe. Mina has blonde hair down past her shoulders, with a killer body (at least from the looks of her plastic miniskirt. Mina has a pretty decent command of the English Language, although with a heavy accent, which makes her seem like a Bond girl—you know the really heavy accent and the unabashedly straight forward approach to sex. She practically begs for the cock, and when our boy walks in she almost devours his cock. She really knows how to suck cock, I mean she could take the chrome off a trailer hitch. After her top is ripped off, we get a great shot of her fake titties, which match her body perfectly. With her tits exposed, this seems to do nothing but arose her more as she smacks her face with the big cock that is in front of her. And this girl does it all, from eating ass, to taking a finger up her own ass, and she loves its all. I really mean that. She fucks like it is her first time—but as if it is good for her first time. Bobby Vitale doesn't waste anytime in sticking it up her ass either, which she takes control and rides like a bucking bronco. After a thorough ass pounding in just about every direction, she takes a nice shot of cum right to the face.

DAMN. Nikita Denise is hot and she knows it. She walks out with her long legs, in a black corset, garter, stockings and gloves. She has a heavy accent (although I don't know where she is from), long black hair and blue eyes. She knows how to work it too, as she plays up the camera at every moment. She starts out with a vibrator which she proceeds to fuck herself with as if she needed punishment. It isn't long however before we get a dick in front of her which she gladly takes in mouth. But knowing that one dick isn't enough, a second is added to the mix. Mark Davis and Vince must be loving this one, as this chick is a glutton for punishment. Mark and Vince trade back and forth between fucking her and getting sucked off by her. Nikita is definitely eye candy in all of this. Yet, she is not just a pretty face, as she works for her meals. Half way through the scene she is sweating and working it for every penny. At some points it seems like two dicks are not enough for her. She takes the DP from them and loves every minute of it. In the end both Vince and Mark jerk themselves off into her face. The funny thing is that she doesn't look done.

Vanessa Blue is out next girl, a very hot African-American with long black hair, big tits, and a bodacious boottie. Of course this is Lex's main course, and he isn't going to wait to get into the action. Vanessa however is a woman of initiative, and she heads straight for the cock at the first opportunity. I have to say that this is the hardest that I have seen Lex get in a long time. While the action starts outside by the pool, when we get down to fucking they both move inside. Vanessa likes the big cocks, and I would assume from her expressions that Lex has a big cock even for the African-American community. Lex truly works her over in all of this, throttling her from doggy to reverse cowgirl—at which point Lex busts a nut right on her belly. From here we cut to a missionary shot, with Lex pounding the shit out of Vanessa making her cum. The scene ends with Vanessa sucking off a second load from Lex, before retiring to the couch.

DOUBLE DAMN. Adriana Sage is incredible. With a hot tan and toned body, high heels, and a penchant for fucking herself with a dildo, Sage has to be the most incredible girl on the disk. We move from a brief introduction straight to her sucking down some guy's cock. She has it down I have to tell you, as she moves from deep throating to his licking balls. Sage has long black hair, with a beautiful face, and dark eyes. By her complexion it is hard to tell her ethnicity, but she looks somewhat Hispanic. She might also be African-American, but it is really hard to tell. In the end it doesn't matter, she is fucking hot. She is so hot that Davis wants to make out with her rather than have her suck his cock. And who wouldn't, she is incredible eye candy. When we get to fucking she loves to ride the cock, and is a loud and nasty fuck who loves to get throttled. She is so hot that Davis has to try hard not to bust a nut early. The scene tops off with her taking it up the ass about as hard as she took it up the pussy. And there is a great reverse cowgirl anal shot here. In the end, after having her pussy and ass thoroughly pounded, she takes a nice load right to the face from a screaming Davis.

The last scene is with Mei-Yu, a decent looking, but petite little Asian who can't get a hold of too many cocks. The scene starts out with her masturbating to a sucker and then sticking it in her mouth, but soon she is given a real toy to play with. As if one wasn't enough she is given two more to play with. From here all hell breaks loss as she tries to keep all three dicks hard by sucking and fucking. Each guy not only has a turn at bat in fucking her, but they all play round robbin in trading places during an intense DP scene. In the end each guy blows a load right into her mouth. It wasn't the best way to end this disk, lets put it that way.

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