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Title: Only the A Hole #3  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+



Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- C

Female Looks- C+

Male Looks- C+

Sex- C

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- D

A/V Quality- B

Time- 1:54

Company- Digital Playground

Director- Rectal Mike

Cast- Blazer, Obsession, Lidia, Shay Sweet, Katie Gold, Blake Palmer, Mr. Marcus, Zoltan, Chuck Martino, Ian Daniels

Review- No one, at this point, believes that a title like Only the A Hole really means that the only sex in the movie is going to be anal sex. In fact, it''s not all that surprising when a movie with such a title has scenes without the promised type of sex. However, Only the A Hole #3 does provide enough cornholing to satisfy anal lovers even if it isn''t the only game they play. Sadly, it''s not the greatest collection of anal ever put to film. It''s better than average, with good angles, clear lighting, and decent looking actors, but it won''t knock your socks off. Let''s look closer.

Katie Gold is a petite blonde with small tits and perfect areola. She brings Ian a birthday cake and he makes a wish, to fuck her in the ass. Katie is willing so they get to the grind. He licks her holes like crazy, using fingers in both as she begs for more. Her cries of pleasure add a lot of heat to the scene, she keeps it up throughout. When she''s not talking, she''s sucking cock, and doing it well. Lots of variations and her hands keep busy along his pole. When they get to the mish sex (not anal) he slides right in without a hitch. The anal follows shortly thereafter. The director may have made it look like it lasts longer than it does with some views of Katie that look suspiciously like the regular missionary fucking. Still, we do eventually see a nice anal insertion and Katie goes buckwild on her own cunt, fingering and rubbing, as Ian plugs her ass. Some doggy anal and sides action leads to a weak cum shot to end a decent scene.

A pair of Europeans grace the next scene. The unrealistically named Zoltan and Lidia. She''s a nice looking lady with fine legs but fake tits that are taut to the point of bursting. The action begins with a blah feel. Lidia isn''t interested much in the beefy Zoltan. She warms up after getting slathered in baby oil and fingered. That leads to an enthusiastic blow job and some good views of them in doggy style. The anal begins and she''s no slouch. It''s in the spoon position that we get to see Lidia''s charms, a long figure with taut limbs as she takes a rod in the back. A middling scene with a slow start.

A brief set up introduces Shay Sweet and Chuck in the next segment. Shay gets put on the kitchen counter and eaten out. She''s a heck of a noise maker and the sounds are pleasing. He fingers both her holes (something of a pattern in this movie) and drives her nuts. When she takes him in her mouth we find out that Chuck isn''t afraid of being vocal either. Shay bobs on his cock before he lubes her up for a mish pounding that curls her toes. This scene starts very strong, but drags towards the end. There''s anal action, of course, and Shay is really cute, but the pounding gets repetitive. They get stuck in a rut, so to speak, and just play it out.

The blonde Blazer, playing it ditzy, is looking for her butt plug and Blake distracts her with a soft cock. She''s got nice legs, but her boob job falls apart when she''s on her back. Not only that, but Blake is having some wood trouble. He''s squeezing the base of his dick so hard he''s in danger of pinching it off and still it only gets semi-erect. Blazer is a tip teaser when it comes to hummers, not venturing past the top of his rod. There''s another double hole fingering which is the most interesting part of the scene. The sex is blah, the only innovation is a view of Blazer''s gaping ass when Blake pulls out after forcing his limp shaft into her. The least interesting scene of the bunch.

Mr. Marcus and Obsession add a bit of humor and flava to the disc in the last scene. Obsession, with small breasts and a great ass filling a pair of Daisy Duke shorts, plays a TV repairperson making a call to Marcus'' house. He fools around, displaying his natural sense of fun, and eventually convinces her to screw. After the obligatory double hole fingering, Mr. Marcus gets a blow job. Obsession does decent work, though not able to suck it all the way down, she makes up for it by being noisy. The sex begins in earnest and Obsession seems a bit surprised that she can take his whole cock. Marcus reveals how good he is with some stylish hip action and generally good technique. The anal is impressive, with Obsession leaning into it, sliding the entirety of that large rob into her ass. The reverse cowgirl is a good time and a good end to the disc.

OVERALL: Only the A Hole #3 had it''s ups and downs. The downs weren''t terrible, but the ups weren''t fantastic so it averages out to...average. No one''s going to bitch about the film, there''s enough good in it to justify its existence, but it''s not one to rush out and buy right now.

EXTRAS: Nothing revolutionary. A chapter search, contact info, and a 20 picture slide show. There''s a Photo Gallery and Slide Show. Both have the same 20 pictures in it, but the slide show let''s you keep a hand free.





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