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Title: White Panty Chronicles #3  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


White Panty 3

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Digital Playground

Overall Rating: B

Female Looks: B+

Male Looks: C

Audio/Video Quality: B

Extras Rating: C

Sex Rating: B

Plot/Acting: C


Cast: Dalia, Malitia, Tye, Charlese L'Amour, Julian St. Jox and Rick Masters.

Director: Mitchell Spinelli

We open with video of some very uptight girls. Well at least Malitia is uptight. She really doesn't look like she is having a good time—in fact she looks constipated. Too bad. She is a hot blonde with a pierced tongue and a voluptuous body. We also have Dalia who is a hot brunette with short hair, and a fucking awesome figure. You can tell that the director doesn't have a lot to work with, when you are shooting a film that is supposed to be straightforward porn, and you have to have all this MTV editing as filler. Personally when given the choice between back and white shots of a beautiful girl and color shots, I would much prefer color. I don't know about you but this is porn not Ansel Adams.

After a little coaxing (well to be honest--ordering) by the director, these two have at it. But they start out having about as much charisma with each other as they do with the camera. And trust me it isn't much. The two girls play together next to (and in) a pool, but it seems that there is more to view in the artsy editing than there is on screen. Finally Dalia heads south on Malitia for a little oral action. Dalia whacks away at Malitia's pussy until she is about to burst, making her cum so hard that you can see her piercing rattling around inside her mouth as she gasps for air. You know I said that Malitia was hot, I take that back, once we get her into the sun light we can see that her face is wrought with freckles—not that freckles are necessarily bad (I happen to like them), but for her they just don't work. After Malitia cums, things are switched around and Dalia gets eaten out. In all Dalia is fucking hot, and has an incredible body. She has incredible tits too, but alas their perkiness is not natural, but artificial. Of course Dalia isn't going to leave the table without her cookies and so Malitia makes sure to finger fuck her until she really cums for the camera. You know what would have made this scene incredible, would have been to put any guy in there with Dalia and drop Malitia.

We then cut to some shots inside with Rick Masters and Ty. Ty is a hot brunette with shoulder length hair and a great natural body. Things start out with the two on the couch, and Rick is sucking on her big natural tits. He then sits up and pulls his pants down, and she heads straight for his cock. There is no funky editing here, simple straightforward shots of her slurping down his cock. While Ty is cute, she is no Dalia, and I would have much preferred seeing her get fucked here. But hey such is life. The scene is shot more like a home movie than a porno, with a lot of awkward (pulled away) static shots. This is not to say that the photography is sterile, as there are also a lot of in your face shots as well. In all though, Ty is a newbie, and she looks (and acts) as if she is having the time of her life. Masters takes her from behind and makes her squeal like a stuck pig. The problem with the scene isn't the talent or the intensity—rather it is the editing. Whoever edited this needs to know that you don't stop the action right when things are getting good. The best shot however in the whole scene is the reverse cowgirl shot, which just about drives her crazy. In the end however, she takes just like a pro—right on the tongue. And then we stop for photos.

In the last scene we have Julian going after the very hot blonde Charlese L'Amour. Charlese has great blonde hair, but it is all fucked up from like a bad perm or something. She also has small natural tits, and a great tan. It is not long after introductions than we are off to the races. They kiss a little by the pool, and then she pulls his pants down and starts sucking on his cock. Before the action started Charlese was told that she would have to keep it down, I guess she is a loud fuck. But from the sounds of the blowjob, if I weren't looking at the screen I wouldn't even know I was watching a porno. When we get down to the fucking, Charlese climbs on top of Julian on one of the lawn chairs by the pool and starts riding on top of him. Now I can see what they mean about her being loud. She has a hard time containing herself immediately after she gets the cock up inside her. She gets so into it that she almost makes Julian cum immediately—and you know that we can't have that. I have to say that, while she isn't the most attractive girl on this disk, she is definitely the most enthusiastic when it comes to fucking. This is especially true when things go Doggystyle. When she gets fucked form behind you would think from how she was acting that she had never had sex before. Julian pounds away at her too, as if he was racing towards a finish line. And just when things get good, the editing fucks up my groove, and there is this funky seg-way before we get back into the fucking. When we get back to the action however she isn't fucking him, but rather she is back to sucking his cock which by now has gone limp. It isn't long before he is rock hard again and back to fucking her. In the end she gets a shot to the face. And then we stop for pictures.

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