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Title: Ass Worship  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Ass Worship

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Evil Empire

Overall Rating: B-

Female Looks: B-

Male Looks: C+

Audio/Video Quality: A

Extras Rating: B+

Sex Rating: B-

Plot/Acting: C+


Cast: Sandy Knight, Jewel De'Nyle, Kaylee, Jade Marcella, Bella

Director: Jules Jordan

If there was ever a film dedicated to bodacious boottie, this is it. Dedicated to those that appreciate the backside as much (if not more) than the front side, ass worship has never had a stronger friend than Jules Jordan.

Our first woman of worship is Bella, with a killer body and small perky yet edible tits. I would recommend that she have some dental work done though. All is not lost, as Bella is truly beautiful as long as her mouth is closed. Most of the shots live up the to title of the flick as Jordan follows Bella's around with the camera giving us a delectable display of her ass in every position possible. On thing that stands out straight away on this flick is that the video and audio quality is superb. I actually cannot remember when I have seen a disk this clean. Bella is wearing (very simply) a black bikini top and pick fishnet stockings, both of which suit her hot little body very well. When we get down to the action we have Jules Jordan himself taking up position right under her pussy, where he starts by eating her out and then shoving his tongue down her ass. From here we move to Bella's oral talents, and a great shot of her sucking cock while completely bent over. This has the double prize of giving us complete access to viewing her pussy and asshole, which sit atop her long legs like awards on a pedestal. Her blowjob (shot almost completely from the first-person) is fantastic. Bella is enthusiastic and loves to show off just how deep her throat is. After her little deep throat exhibition, Bella is bent over the bed and plugged in. All the while she is wearing these hot pink fishnet stockings. Bella even takes a butt plug up her ass while continuing to get fucked. Bella seems to love her job of being the little fuck towel here, the only problem however is that without a cock in her mouth she tends to smile a great deal, and this isn't a good thing. Bella has got the kink going on, as she is willing to take all manner of object up her ass while she is getting fucked—until now I really wasn't sure exactly how many different types of anal dildos there were. Needless to say I now stand better informed. The objects up her ass however are simply a precursor to her taking a cock up their, which she truly loves. Bella is equally open to sucking down the cock that fucks her in the ass, as she does repeatedly as Jordan takes his cock out of her ass and shoves it in her mouth. When it is time for her to get her love bath, she gets a nasty cum shot all over her face, that drips down the side of her face like marshmallow topping.

Next we have Kaylee, who is wearing a grey exercise outfit—you know the grey thigh length stretch shorts that you see all those hot girls working out in. Kaylee is a hot blonde, with shoulder length blonde hair and a gorgeous face. As with the first scene, we start out with lots of up close shots of Kaylee's 18-year-old body. At first glance, Kaylee looks to have a boob job, but I have to say that if they are fake it is really hard to tell. The scene we have here is shot outside near a pool in what looks to be someone's backyard. The funny thing is that unlike other videos shot outside in a backyard, this one looks like it could be next door to your house. I bet the neighbors love him. We get to watch Kaylee stroll around the pool for a little while, and then she heads inside where she meets up with the two guys that are going to fuck her. Not to miss a cue, these guys see her walk in and immediately pull down their pants. When Kaylee starts in on their cocks, we come to see how in experienced she really is, as she isn't sure what to do next. This all seems to fade away however, once she has a few fingers up her pussy. After she is warmed up, she drops to her knees and proceeds to such cock like a champion. It isn't long before one of the guys gets behind her and plugs her dick. From the sounds of things though it would seem that he was into it a little more than she was, as he can't stop saying "yes, yes" as he is pounding away at her from behind. He is like a jack rabbit fucking for the first time, or rather he reminds me of what a dog is like when he gets a hold of you leg with the wrong idea. I have to say though, that Kaylee's boottie looks hot throughout the scene, even when she goes for the DP. It is here however that we see Kaylee wasn't really ready for these two jack rabbits to fuck her at the same time. I have to say that these guys act as if they work as a pair, in that both of them pump and grind her with no relief. Usually when you see a DP, you see one person doing all the work and the other one just laying there. Not here. Both of them are working her over here. In the end we get the typical fucker her in the ass and then pull out to see how big her asshole is. As with the first scene, there is a bevy of odd positions to watch (positions that I have to say can't be all that enjoyable, but are certainly interesting to see. In the end she sucks both of the dry, as they drop their vanilla love droppings right into the only orifice in her body that won't require surgery after this scene is over.

Sandi Knight is a hot blonde, with short black hair, a really short mini-skirt, and an awesome body. Shot outside by a pool, and on top of what looks to be an office building in the valley, Sandi seems to truly love playing up to the camera as she gets down on all fours and barks. Sandi's butt is full and round, but doesn't have too much give as to think her over-weight. Any butt aficionado would truly enjoy Sandi's. When she finaly stand up we see that she has huge tits that defy gravity after she takes off her top. She is wearing a hot little outfit—the miniskirt isn't leather, but is rubber, and she has a hell of a time getting it off. She also (for a brief time) is wearing a ready plastic corset. All in all Sandi is the cutest girl so far on the disk, and also has the best personality. You can tell she loves the cock too, because she doesn't just want to touch it, but rather she wants to grab hold and control it. Instead of starting with a blowjob the action moves straight into her getting fucked form behind while she props herself up against a wall. From here Sandi gets nailed in just about every conceivable position possible, with some outstanding shots of her ass as it bands against Jordan's hips. For some reason however, Sandi doesn't go her the anal action. In the end she takes a load the face after her repeated begging for a load to the face.

The next scene is with Jewel De'Nyle, who truly knows how to work the camera. Jewel has long black hair, a great body, and a fantastic smile. If she wasn't such a dirty fuck you could imagine her on the cover of Vogue. Jewel is wearing pink plastic pants and a black tube top. She parades about the room and the camera follows closely not to miss bounce from her behind. After a little horsing around, we cut to a shot of her in a leather bra with incredible large net stockings. Trust me there is nothing hidden here. Jewel firmly shoves a butt plug up her ass and then walks upstairs where a rather large dildo is fastened to the table. Of course you know what comes next, as she square her pussy up to it and shoves herself down on to it. After fucking herself for a little while with the large dildo, she moves on to an even larger dick which is at the end of Lexington Steele. Lex the ass lover that he is, cannot resist the Jewel's butt. When he whips out his cock, Jewel is a little befuddled by the fact that she can't suck more than half of it. If Lex played baseball the guy could always bring his own bat. When we get down to fucking we see that her pussy can't take much more than her mouth, but half is more than enough to get Jewel off, as she is more than happy to bounce up and down on it. But if you think that is crazy, try taking it up the ass—as this is exactly what comes next. And this proves to be almost more than she is ale to take (this is obvious from the fact that the scene was cut and retried). In the end, she takes a load from Lex straight to her face. But it makes me think—big cock, where did all the cum go?

The last scene is with Jade Marcella, a hot Asian-American with thick black hair, and a thick brown asshole. Jade is wearing a black bra as well as stockings and a garter. Our action starts out with her taking a few anal beads, but soon digresses into dildos and butt-plugs galore. We even watch as Jade launches a butt-plug from her ass, as if it were a porn projectile. After this little interlude into the bizarre, the action moves into the bedroom where she starts sucking down some cock. Jade likes it deep and wet, but at times it looks as if tears are welling up in her eyes. From here she lays back on the counter and takes a cock up her ass. Jade is certainly a loud one, as she screams out. Sometimes this makes it hard to know if she likes it or not. The fucking however is short lived, as we move straight to her getting it up the ass, which needless to say drives her crazy. After a thorough ass pounding, we get a second cock in the picture, which she starts sucking on without question. From here we move to the DP, at which point Jade seems to loosen up. In the end, Jade takes two loads straight down her gaping asshole. Talk about being filled up—this is ridiculous. To make things perfectly gross she farts out the cum, and fills a glass with it. I have no idea why this is appealing but I guess for some it is what gets the going. She then allows for the contents of the glass to be dumped in her mouth, which she then gargles and swallows. Crazy shit to say the least.

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