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Title: Rocco's Animal Trainer #6  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Animal Trainer 6

Dated Reviewed: December 18, 2001

Studio: Evil Empire

Overall Rating: C+

Female Looks: B-

Male Looks: B+

Audio/Video Quality: C

Extras Rating: B+

Sex Rating: C

Plot/Acting: C


Cast: Monica Sweetheart, Amanda Angel, Malorie, Karma, Sabina, Jessica, Renata, Brenda, Musky, Katy and Pussy

Director: Rocco Siffredi

As one of the better looking guys in porn, Rocco has his pick of the women in porn. Too bad this movie suffers from a lack of imagination. Its porn by a person who seems thoroughly bored with it.

The first scene is with Pussy (how appropriate), a hot blonde in black stretch shorts and a gold top. We start by seeing her put makeup on before a mirror. She then walks into the bathroom where there is another woman on the floor in black stretch pants. Pussy pulls the girls pants down and begins to fuck her with a dildo connected to something like a rubber ball. After sticking it in her pussy the girl takes over from there and bounces up and down on the dildo. Pussy then heads over to the window in the other room where there is yet another woman waiting to be let in. We then cut to yet another woman in really hot black stockings walking up the stares with some guy. Pussy is an ok looking blonde with a great figure, but it is really the two brunettes that steal the show (Sabina and Katy). Soon all four of them are going at it with Pussy sucking on the guy's cock, while the other two kiss his neck. Sabina is definitely the hottest in this scene as is wearing a full body stocking. But our man is not to be turned on by any of these girls, and in turn heads into the bathroom to get the girl (still riding the dildo attached to the ball) off. Without any foreplay he pulls the dildo out of her and puts his dick in, thrusting away at her without ever slowing down. In some of the craziest action I have ever seen, this guy lifts the girl into the door jam and fucks her while holding her up off the ground. While this is going on in the bathroom, the girls out in the bedroom are not wasting time either. Sabina and Pussy have a dildo up Katy's ass and are throttling her with it, while holding her legs back and pinning her shoulders to the ground. After our boy is done with the girl in the bathroom, he heads out to help Sabina and Pussy play with Katy. At this point, our boy starts fucking Sabina through her body stocking, while a new arrival gets sucked off by Katy and Pussy. I have to say that this new guy (I am sorry but I am not sure of his name) is hung like a redwood tree trunk, and he takes full advantage of his girth in fucking the shit out of Pussy (now I think that's just too funny to say). After a while the guy that is fucking Sabina is now going anal on the girl from the bathroom. At this point the sex gets too crazy to keep track of, as each girl is jockeying for her position to ride the sausage stick. But I have to say that each girl does get her turn. Sabina, after a long fuck, sets back and takes on a dildo attached to the table. This lets Pussy and some of the other girls get their chance at a good fuck. The action is pretty intense, and for an orgy scene I give Rocco credit as it is well orchestrated and well shot. After the well scripted fucking the action slows down a little, as the girls perform 69 on each other, while the guys take turns fucking one of them in the ass. In the end Sabina gets to lick a load shot all over Pussy's pussy.

In the next scene we find Jessica walking through a gate into a backyard, as Malorie is backed up against a tree with her legs spread. Jessica is a hot brunette with a very natural look, Malorie is a dirty blonde that looks sort of like Jennifer Aniston. Rocco takes Jessica out to introduce her to Malorire, who is getting fucked up the ass with a giant black dildo. Malorie is dressed up in a pseudo-S and M outfit with stockings, boots, and atop with two wholes cut out for her breast to fit through. Soon she is on her knees sucking cock, while Rocco is working on getting Jessica undressed. Rocco places a mask over Jessica's face and proceeds to ear her out as she is bent over against a tree, and it isn't long before Rocco shoves his love rod up her pussy. In all the whole thing is really kind of weird and I am not sure where any of this is going. I mean the S and M stuff doesn't fit well with it all taking place outside—it all seems a little to dungeon-like for the bright lights of the outdoors. But I should at least say that the girls are hot in this scene. I mean the likeness to Jennfier Aniston makes Malorie hot—and sort of spooky. Jessica is also a beautiful women, but we don't get to see her face (again I think that is a ad move). We only see her face when Rocco removes the mask to have her suck his cock. In the end both girls get fucked but good, with Rocco pummeling Jessica's asshole and then forcing her to deep throat his massive cock. At this point the action heads inside and we finally get some nice shots of both Malorie and Jessica in some decent lighting. Here things get rather odd, as Rocco shows all the kinky shit he needs to stay hard. I mean we are really taken through the works with him getting his toes sucked, and then he sticks them in her asshole. When we finally get down to Rocco fucking he heads straight for her asshole, leaving her pussy wide open for a big black dildo. From here Rocco face fucks Jessica, and then turns back to fucking her in the ass. From here we cut back to Malorie who is getting fucked in her own right. Rocco then takes his cock out of Jessica's ass and Malorie sucks it dry. After this going back and forth, Rocco switches his attention to Malorie and directs her to sit on a huge black dildo placed in the middle of the floor, while sucking on Rocco's toes. She then climbs on top of his cock and rides its up her ass. Here Rocco gets a little rough and starts to gag her with a chain that has been acting as leash. The scene ends with Rocco fucking Jessica up the ass with Malorie sucking on both Jessica and Rocco's asshole.

In the next scene we have the very hot Monica Sweetheart and Amanda Angel, both of whom are incredibly hot. Monica is a brunette and Amanda is a hot dirty blonde. Both girls are in outfits that are skin tight rubber—Monica in a miniskirt and Amanda in a dress that barely goes below her pussy. Both girls parade around the room for a group of men who are shooting still photos of them. Amanda puts on a strapon, and Monica moves back and forth between sucking cock and sucking on Amanda. Soon both girls have a cock in mouth and are getting face fucked. Amanda is the first girl to get fucked and she takes it straight up the ass, while supporting herself against a pole. Monica is soon to follow, also getting plugged up the ass. But Monica's asshole is too much for our boys, as he quickly pulls out of her ass and shoots load all over Amanda.

In the last scene we have Renata (an older looking brunette in tiger jump suit), Brenda (a short brunette in a silver top and pants) and Karma (another brunette in a yellow plastic top and pants). Out of the three I would have to say that Karma is by far the hottest, with a great ass, as great pair of tits, and beautiful short reddish hair. All three of the girls are played off as hookers, who are being sold to Rocco, yet before Rocco can have a good look at the other women, Renata takes him aside and starts sucking on his cock. Renata is an attractive brunette, but looks much older than the other two girls. In all fairness though all of the girls have incredible figures, which is accentuated by the skin tight clothing that they have on. Rocco takes Renata over by a car and bends her over with just enough room to stick his cock inside her. This scene is really poorly lit. It is not an issue of video quality as the picture doesn't seem grainy, but rather it is simply too dark. Be that as it may there is enough light to see that Rocco is fucking the shit out of Renata—both doggystyle and missionary. It isn't long before Karma joins the action with Rocco, and Rocco all but forgets Renata. Rocco quickly strips Karma out of her skin tight pants to reveal an incredibly full ass with simply a shoelace g-string. Rocco wastes no time in fucking her from behind, as she rest atop Renata's chest on the hood of a pink car. Rocco, however, in his usual roughness smacks Karma around so much that her ass and thighs are red. The action ends with Rocco taking Karma up the ass, and then shooting a load all over her and Renata's face.

At the very end of the disk we cut back to Rocco fucking Jessica form the previous scene, and Rocco shows off his typically bullish style. From here he gets Malorie to sit on top of Jessica, so that Jessica can eat her out. I don't know how he does it, but Rocco is able to get women to do anything just by asking. Or maybe its because he is paying them, you decide.

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