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Title: Mafioso  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Overall rating: B

Female looks: B

Male looks: B

Sex: C

Plot/Acting: A

Extras: C

A/V Quality: A

Date: October 22, 2001

Title: Mafioso

Production Company: Jill Kelly Productions

Director: Michael Raven

Cast: Sydnee Steele, Shanna McCullough, April, Jesse, Lita Chase, Cory Lane, Herschel Savage, Erik Everhard, Jason Bonn, Eric Price, Brannon Forte, Tony Tedeschi, Evan Stone, Dillon Day, George Kaplan and Mike Horner


Well I doubt Tony Soprano would need as much therapy if he had as much action as Herschel Savage does in Michael Raven's Mafioso. Herschel does have his myriad of problems however, he's suspicious of his wife's fidelity, his kids are a pain in his ass, a new deal involving drugs and guns is going down and the feds are on his tail. Married to Judith (Shanna McCullough) and the father of Elisa (Sydnee Steele) and Dante (Jason Bonn), crime lord Don Carlo (Savage) is sure to have his hands full.

Sydnee, unappreciated by her father because she wasn't born with a dick, finds solace with Erik Everhard in the family screening room. After giving him a gnarly blowjob, Sydnee pins herself up against the wall and takes a cock pound in the pussy from behind, while standing. This scene is quiet and misses the added attention the filmmakers have obviously given to the film's acting and mafia-related plot. Not that I'm complaining, it's refreshing to see a plot driven feature with such terrific elements, I only wish the sex would have been as fresh.

When the business takes a turn and involves a horny Russian, Don is sure he's found a way to please the man. Don arranges for lovely young woman to treat the guy to some of his finest Italian-American cuisine. This scene is warm but ceases to ever get above 80 degrees as it is so rudely interrupted by a boring musical score that mutes most of the action.

Made men Marco (Tony Tedeschi) and Rapheal (Even Stone) round out the rest of Don's crew and while Dante and Raphael are keeping up with the Russian scam, it is Marco's responsibility to keep an eye on Judith. Marco assures Don that his wife is keeping her legs closed. We find out otherwise. It's Marco who is keeping Don's wife happy. Tedeschi and McCullough are hot as he fucks her hard and fast, her legs spread high above her head. This scene, like all the scenes in this flick is too safe and too short. With only a hard fuck in one position, Marco finally pulls out and cums all over the boss's wife.

Judith isn't the only one who's unfaithful. Don's got a nice little European beauty keeping his mouth occupied. Holy canoli, this chick is playful! She bounces on his dick like a pogo stick and then takes it from behind on all fours. She doesn't say much, I assume she knows little English, but she's really hot and has a perfect body and Herschel shows that he hasn't lost his touch as he pummels her sideways and then shoots his creamy load all over her tiny mouth.

In the end, there's continued debauchery, a good scene where Dante gets it on with his girlfriend (Bonn actually cums inside the girl) murder and betrayal. I enjoyed the story and the cinematography I just couldn't get past the fact that those aspects were more interesting than the sex itself. I review porn, right? O.k. then. While this film was entertaining, it is completely plot driven and seems as though it could have gotten away with an "R" rating. The real question is would I recommend this movie to my readers? Fughetaboutit. This is great soft-core couples porn and perfect for those shmucks that always complain about the lack of plot in adult filmmaking.

Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments: ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com



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