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Title: Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women #2  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Overall rating A

Female looks: B

Male looks: A

Sex: A

Plot/Acting: B

Extras: A

A/V Quality: A

Date: October 7, 2001

Title: Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women Part 2

Production Company: Evil Angel http://www.evilangel.com

Director: Tristan Taormino & Ernest Green

Cast: Jewel De'Nyle, Ava Vincent, Jewell Marceau, Lola, Bridget Kerkove, Kate Frost, Mickey G., Mr. Marcus and Joel Lawrence.


Based on director Tristan Taormino's best-selling book the Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, this second installment of her filmed series continues to instruct men and women about basic anal techniques and how to enjoy anal sex without pain or embarrassment. The flick is set up as a Q & A on anal sex that takes place in an erotic bookstore. Our fearless leader is director Tristan, who proceeds to instruct and tell stories about some of her client's experiences with anal sex.

The first couple is desperate to try anal sex but she (Kate Frost) is a bit apprehensive about the pain. The couple contacts Tristan for some advice and she observes as the couple proceeds to engage in foreplay. Mr. Marcus is the lucky lad that frosts Kate's hole and he's as gentle as a baby, inserting first his finger, then a dildo into her tiny poopshoot. The couple uses lube and asks questions that might actually prove useful if you're actually watching this dvd to learn something about anal sex. Although rather clinical, I found it to be pretty hot because they are moving so slow you find yourself very excited before he even whips his big cock out of his drawers. Kate is the perfect butt virgin and moans sweetly as Marcus fingers her ass. Later she drops his drawers and gives him a sweet swallow, or should I say deep swallow, while fingering her own back door. A very excited Tristan decides she's going to help out so she fingers Kate's asshole while Kate continues to suck her man's cock. Tristan slowly inserts a butt plug into her asshole, which, as explained, helps prepare the hole and relax the muscles for something bigger. Marcus fucks her pussy while she continues to wear the plug in her ass. Later, Marcus inserts a dildo in her ass while Kate teases her clit with a small vibrator. There are some very slow, very close up insertion shots here that are really sexy. Later of course our anal amateur gets some of the real thing. I won't spoil that for you but I will tell you that it's worth the wait.

Next is a scene with the director herself and Ava Vincent. As it turns out, fucking Ava in the ass has always been a fantasy of Tristans. Tristan strips the poor blonde slut and fingers and forces her pussy onto her pretty face. Tristan, quite the dominatrix, is elated when Ava fingers her pussy with hard and deep thrusts. Ava teases her cunt with a large purple plug and then receives similar pleasure from Tristan. Later, Tristan slides one finger in Ava's corn hole and another in her pussy. Tristan straps on a large rubber cock and then pussy fucks her like a man. Ava rolls over on all fours and is butt fucked hard and fast by our blissful host. Later, while Tristan is fucked she cums so hard she wraps both legs around Ava's so head I thought she would strangle her. The girls are very careful to pleasure each other completely and although I wouldn't consider this wild, it should prove very hot if you're really into anal insertion.

Bridgette Kerkove and Lola decide to pleasure their boy toy (Mickey G.) by fulfilling his fantasy of being fucked in the ass by a woman. Mickey soon finds out that this isn't a typical threesome. They proceed with a lot of sucking and squeezing and then Bridgette rides his cock in a backward cowgirl while Lola sits on his face. Lola is fucked from behind while she rims and fingers Bridgette's loose caboose. After too many gaping asshole shots and Bridgette licking her own ass juice off Lola's fingers, it's Mickey's turn. Lola fingers Mickey's ass while Bridgette sucks on his hard cock. Finally, Lola straps on a rubber prick and shoves it deep inside Mickey's hole from behind. She fucks her man hard while Bridgette fucks his cock with her large mouth. Not something you see often in straight porn.

In the last scene Jewel De'Nyle and Joel Lawrence do some hardcore sucking and fucking in a sex swing while Tristan watches. Jewell is quite the little screamer, I hereby apologize to my neighbors.....

This was by far, the best "Instructional" porn I've ever seen but not very informative. While Tristan did give some great pointers (and the sex was much better than in other adult instructionals) I felt it lacked solid techniques on how to relax and which positions are best for beginners. This DVD was too lengthy and although Jewell Marceau is really cute, here scene should have been near the end. I really enjoyed the Kate Frost scene with Marcus and I have to admit, I now see Mickey in a whole new light... A great feature on the DVD is its Special Fetish Menu, which includes a jump-button to the best scenes that include Blowjobs, Toys, Finger Anal, Male Anal, Anal, Rimming and Pussy Licking. I would recommend this film for couples that have tried anal a few times but haven't learned to truly adjust to and enjoy it!

Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments: ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com



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