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Title: Moan  
Reviewer: Duffy Boy  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Overall Rating: A

Female Looks: N/A

Male Looks: B

Sex: A

Plot: A

Acting: B

Extras: A

A/V Quality: A

Date: October 29, 2001

Title: Moan

Production Company: Vivid Man

Director: David Thompson

Cast: Chad Donovan, Tommy Lord, Ethan Marke, Blake Harper, Doug

Jeffries, Jason Branch, Thom Southern


Although I'm still undecided on how I feel about using my favorite horror film as the basis of a porn flick, I have to give an enthusiastic thumbs up to David Thompson for his creativity and his ability to turn some of that film's more memorable characters into dirty fuck pigs aching to get nailed one last time

before getting butchered.

As most parodies of "Scream" begin, this one opens with the classic sequence of the victim alone in their house unknowingly talking to the killer on the phone. Only this time, instead of threatening to kill if the victim hangs up, the murderer threatens to shove his cock up his ass. From there, it continues into the unforgettable chase scene until finally poor Kenny, our helpless victim in this film, is cornered by the killer who's identity is hidden behind a mask and an enormous fuck stick. Having Kenny trapped, the killer throws him onto the ground and begins to suck him off. Both actors take their turn orally pleasing

each other and the actor portraying Kenny deserves honorable mention for taking the killer's humungous dick down to the pubes. A fierce rimming scene follows where the killer spreads Kenny's cheeks apart and goes at it like a true pro. Who's ass wouldn't want to get plowed after a good munching like that? And that's exactly what happens next. Kenny bends over and takes every inch of meat up his hot little hole. There are some nice close-ups for those of us who like to smell our porn and then two good come shots as each actor blows a decent load for the camera.

Next we meet a group of Kenny's friends discussing their concerns about the events that transpired the previous afternoon. Nobody is feeling safe with the knowledge that Kenny is now insane, and later dead, due to the tremendous fuck he received. Fortunately for them though the dopey, but loveable Derek ("that's Deputy Derek to you") has been assigned to the case. He questions everyone thoroughly and then focuses his attention on one friend in particular, Ricky, played by foul mouthed Doug Jeffries. Fortunately for the viewer it doesn't take very long for Deputy Derek to question Ricky and we aren't forced to sit through an abundance of useless dialogue before the good fuckin' starts. This scene is

very hot and Doug steals it with his hot body, his beautiful cock and his trash talking mouth. But Deputy Derek ain't that bad either. He rims Doug's hot daddy ass and then gets his worked into a frenzy with a billy stick right before taking Doug's meaty cock. Both stars appear to enjoy the sex and deliver healthy

loads at the climax.

The next two scenes include a solo scene featuring the hot and hairy Blake Harper and a lengthy exposition scene that's taken right from the script of "Scream". Although both are less exciting than the previous ones we've seen, I suggest not fast-forwarding through them. Blake Harper is always nice to watch and what's classic about the longer, non-sexual scene is that he pokes fun at

himself and the porn industry in a similar fashion that "Scream" poked fun at horror films.

After that, the film once again picks up the pace and lets the viewer see some more of what we paid for: good ole' fashion fucking. The movie continues and we find Jason Branch walking into a garage all by his lonesome. Oh-oh! What's going to happen next? That's right girls, we all saw what happened to Rose McGowan. The killer jumps out and threatens to fuck Jason to death. But just before he can attack, Jason recreates another moment from the original masterpiece and mockingly pleads with the killer not to fuck him to death. Of course the man behind the mask doesn't listen and proceeds to put the moves on Jason (Thank God... get that man's clothes off and bust out that boner!) Jason is another hunk with a monster cock and knows how to perform. First he warms the killer's boy pink up with a brief munching and then proceeds to tease it with some love beads. Following is a fantastic fuck fest where Jason tops the killer in several positions. Don't fast forward through this one or you'll miss the nice close-ups

and the almost impossible upside down fuck. It concludes with mediocre jizz shots and the untimely death of hot little Jason Branch.

As the movie draws to an end, we find Blake Harper watching porn with Chad Donovan and another one of his friends. The plot unravels, and as in "Scream", it turns out that Blake's friends are the ones behind all the murders. This time however, instead of running from the killers, Blake decides to go for the gusto

and fuck their brains out. It starts with some good oral action and Blake gracefully manages to swallow Chad's monster cock with ease. We then get some good shots of all three men taking turns licking crack and playing with each other's holes. Blake penetrates first and fucks his friend while Chad feeds him

his meat. They swap positions for a bit and then Blake decides he wants some of that meat to himself and spreads his cheeks for Chad. They screw for a bit and then flip-flop a couple more times before blowing their spunk on each other. Although each actor performs well, this scene was a little too long in my

opinion and could've been shortened up by not repeating clips we saw just seconds ago.

In my opinion, the Moan DVD is a success. It's filled with hunky men, hot ass-pounding action and wonderful DVD bonuses. Watch it, and I guarantee you'll be aching for more even after you shot your wad in your hand... I was.

Duffy Boy

Email me with questions or comments at: duffy_boy@hotmail.com



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