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Title: Juranal Park  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Juranal Park

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- B-

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- B

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- B-

Extras- C+

A/V Quality- B

Time- 1:20

Company- OGV

Director- Mitchell Spinelli

Cast- Leena, Crystal Wilder, Tina Tyler , Cory Cox, Terry Thomas, Nicole London, Jonathan Morgan, Tony Tedeschi, Jake Williams, Steve Drake, Teri Diver, L.S. Talbot

Review- Going into a movie with low expectations can get good results. Juranal Park is a spoof-porn and it managed to make me laugh on at least three occasions. I was actually looking forward to the non-sex parts to see what would come next. On top of that, the parts with sex were of a higher quality than I was expecting. In fact, the action was good despite it being "cable ready," which I hate. Spinelli has managed to successfully walk a tightrope of issues that usually ruin a porn flick.

A news flash sets the scene, Lust World, an adult resort, has opened despite rumors that there are dinosaurs roaming around. It''s a silly plot but they know it and treat it with enough humor to make it enjoyable rather than pathetic.

Leena, with a little girl, east-coast voice and a thirst for sex, kicks off the action with the park owner (played by Jonathan Morgan). She keeps the dirty talk going throughout, begging for more as he teases her, spending a long time making her ride the bulge in his pants. That builds Leena up to a fever pitch. She literally vibrates in anticipation and goes nuts when she''s finally allowed to stuff her pussy with his meat. They pump away for a time before Morgan practically throws Leena over a table to pound into her as she fingers her ass. The scene benefits from Leena''s vocals, even if she has a weird Shirley-Temple squeak. She ends up swallowing his load, which you can bet won''t be in the cable version.

After a visit from a "dinosaur" that intentionally destroys any seriousness the movie might have had, the first guests arrive and are shown to their room for anal sex. Crystal Wilder and her partner attack each other, getting naked and wild as he sucks her nipples and feet. She''s got a bad boob job, but her eagerness is infectious. She grinds into his mouth as he sucks her clit and fingers both holes. She jumps into a 69 to suck him down with vigor, and she rubs her clit endlessly as he humps her. The anal isn''t much different, she takes it like a pro, leaning back into him as he cornholes her. It''s not a blockbusting scene, but it doesn''t suck.

More funny stuff leads to a couple having sex on the "expensive set," a park bench. Cory Cox plays the part of the woman with large natural breasts. Her guy obliges her request for some nipple bites and muff diving. The action runs along to reverse cowgirl that gives us a good view of Cory''s bod as she bounces on her man''s cock. The standing doggy, though, is the better moment. It''s not long before they get into the titty fucking, allowing Cory to show off her mammary assets. Again, it''s not gonna win an award, but the sex is worth the effort. The cum bath ends the park-bench bang and the two of them are then attacked by a plastic dinosaur.

There''s a commercial break for a fictitious cereal before returning to the main story. It seems that things are hopeless. A military man shows up and is quickly seduced by Leena. The crew, however, shouts from off-camera that this needs to be a three-way scene, but they''re all out of talent. So they throw in the "craft services" girl (played by Nicole London). It''s a funny gag and adds to the heat since Nicole plays her part with a bit of reluctance, allowing the others to strip her down while she acts bewildered at the turn of events. Not to worry, she''s soon an animal, tag sucking the guy with Leena very well. Leena gets fucked on a desk as Nicole sits on her face. The action is hard and fast, Leena eggs on her partner to keep thrusting harder. It''s kicked up a notch when Nicole gets bent over for her turn. The fast and furious bucking is hot stuff. She also gives a good show in reverse cowgirl anal, getting skewered before the pop shot that Leena laps up.

The final scene is also a winner, though a little short. Two nerd characters decide to have a final fling before getting eaten. Luckily, one of them is Tina Tyler in glasses. She''s a hottie, short hair and nice curves to add to her great legs. She climbs aboard her boy''s face and rides for some time. While not always a favorite, she makes the face dance a steamy time, getting into it and grinding well. She returns the favor with a decent hummer on his thick cock before they climb into doggy style. It''s another thigh pounding scene with hard strokes before they move to a side saddle position. That''s where the camera shows off Tina''s fine legs and pretty face. And for those of you into glasses, Tina takes the load on her lenses.

OVERALL: Juranal Park is a mid-range winner, in my opinion. It hasn''t got the flash of the big budget stuff, but it makes the very best use of what it does have. The action is solid and hot, the plot is intentionally funny so you don''t have to groan through it, and the camera work is decent, letting you enjoy the sex and forget now and again that it''s just a few edits away from the pay-per-view stations. Check it out.

EXTRAS: The extra stuff is well presented. The chapter search has funny captions and allows you to not only pick a scene, but pick what part of the scene you want to see. The cast menu is also well done, with a good filmography for each female player. The photo gallery is average and there''s a few minutes of extra footage, Leena''s audition tape from back in the day.





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