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Raincoater Porn DVD Picks

1 Lucky Fuck #3
Lucky Fuck #3 is easily the most hardcore movie I have ever seen. If you're into aggressive, self deprecating face-fuck action, this is the ultimate movie for you. - Jason

No Swallowing Allowed #4
All in all, I thought it was a great flick. Maybe not one to watch with the girlfriend, but a definite stroke vid. It gets the Joe College seal of approval. - Joe College

Cum Stained Casting Couch #3
Well after watching all the other scenes, I have to say that this movie is a complete winner. I would recommend buying it. The girls are hot. The guys are hung. The lighting is well done, and everything about this production is top notch. Way to go guys and gals, this one is a winner. - Kid Cocky

Un-Natural Sex 14
I guess if any DVD represents Un-Natural sex, it would be this DVD. First off, every single girl performs double anal. Let me say that again. EVERY GIRL PERFORMS DOUBLE ANAL. - Kid Cocky

The Violation of Jewel Valmont
This flick is hot, Jewel Valmont is gorgeous and gives an excellent performance, and I give this film a strong recommendation to fans of the genre. - Jack Hoffman

Euro Angels 12
Looking back I see that each of my scene synopsis ends with some variation of "good scene." That should tell you something. This disc is hot. The girls are great, the guys do their jobs well and with style, Christoph works the camera with skill. I recommend it highly for anal buffs. - Mars

Double Parked 7
There's no bad segment on this disc. The girls are all hotties, they all take their cock like pros, and they give a great show. You want good D.P.? This is it. - Mars

Couples Porn DVD Picks

Private: A Taste of Pleasure
The movie is damn good, and most of everything that this company puts out is the also of some quality.. - Loomis

Janine. To me and other fans the name alone is enough to give any video a thumbs up. Janine with guys should be a no-brainer. This is. Janine?s boy-girl debut is the best video I have reviewed in quite some time. As a huge Janine fan I was pretty sure that I was not going to be disappointed by this first effort. I never expected the enthusiasm that Janine would bring back to sex although based on her earlier girl-girl stuff I should have known better. The documentary format of this effort also works well. - Loomis

Hustler Call Girls Undercover
When I first got the box for this DVD I was really interested. At the time I thought it might be a real thing. Of course, it?s not. But imagine what a fascinating movie that would actually make. An hour and a half video of stuff just like the Paris Hilton movie. - Arnon

Pinups is sort of a hardcore trip down memory lane for the Playboy generation. It has some of the very best of today?s talent doing things that Hugh Hefner would never condone. Michael Raven is a master of his craft and in Pinups he again demonstrates why. His excellent camera work and interesting scene layout makes for a relaxing, albeit tame DVD with plenty of action and extras. An excellent couples DVD, this offering will satisfy just about everyone's interest. - Bill Burton

Private Tropical: Cocunut Paradise
This is probably a reasonable choice for couples, given that the lady involved is not angered by anal action. I think this is a strong little film, and I recommend it highly. - Loomis

Specs Appeal 11
Most of it has already been said. Good looking talent, good action, the right amount of plot, and sweet camera work. Specs Appeal 11 lives up to the other Kick Ass Picture productions I've enjoyed. And girls in glasses are dead sexy. - Mars

Shane's World 29
What's great about this movie and all of the Shane's World DVD's is that you don't always feel like your watching porn. With the recent trends and popularity in reality television, Shane's World brings you, and brought to you long before Richard Hatch dropped his skivvies for Survivor, the best in video voyeurism. If you feel like watching something humorous and a little naughty with your partner, stick one of these flicks in the player, you won't be disappointed. - Erica

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